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Givenly Launches New Corporate Gifting Platform


CHICAGO, IL – Givenly announced today the launch of its new customer loyalty and employee rewards platform. The revolutionary system introduces many new features to streamline, organize, and automate gift programs, inserting technology and end-to-end service into an industry that has seen nominal change since the beginning of the information era.

The Givenly technology promises to be a major disrupter in the $90 billion corporate gifting and incentive industry.

​According to CEO Mark Mancini, “With the launch of our new platform we are excited to revolutionize the gifting and incentive industry by helping our enterprise clients streamline and centralize their loyalty and recognition initiatives through coordinated, tracked, and effective gift programs – executed effortlessly through our API driven architecture and supported by our world class service”.

​​Givenly builds curated online catalogs for enterprise clients, even sourcing local vendors on request.  Clients can then provide access to a curated catalog for the entire enterprise or offer unique catalogs per department to align with different types of programs. This enables companies to order, track, and manage all gifting activity in one centralized location.
One of the many newer features is automation, which enables agents or central marketing teams to automate hundreds or thousands of gifts for specific programs such as employee anniversary or loan closing gifts. For financial companies where gifting activity is subject to regulations, spending limits can be set to warn employees if they exceed allowable maximum gifting amounts in order for firms to ensure their agent’s gifting activity is compliant and tracked.

​For more information about how Givenly can assist your Corporate Gifting or Employee Rewards Program, please contact at [email protected] or 1-800-579-3079.