Importance of Ensuring Your Employees Feel Appreciated During These Difficult Times

Even with some areas of the world easing lockdown restrictions and other quarantine measures, we are all still recovering to some extent. As coronavirus has not disappeared completely, however, it is still a very trying time for everyone, including your employees who may be returning to work or have been working during the more restricted periods. 

Kindness, understanding, and appreciation have never been more important than during situations like this, and how you treat your employees can not only have an important impact on their own well-being, mentally and physically but the state of your business. Let’s look at some of the benefits of showing appreciation for your employees and their hard work despite the ongoing health crisis, like sending them customized kits and bundles.

Improves Employee Engagement and Loyalty
Every employer who wants to get the very best out of their employees should want to make them feel good about working for them. There is only so much you can achieve by taking a “hard-line” approach as a manager or supervisor. Underappreciated staff are less likely to engage and really give their all to the company, as they don’t believe it will really make a difference.

What’s more, if a better offer comes along, they are going to be more likely to take it. Therefore, if you want to retain your staff, you need to increase their loyalty and motivation towards your company. An obvious way to do this is by offering them commendation when they achieve something that benefits the company and shows them clearly how their work played an important part. It doesn’t even need to be anything spectacular, just turning in assignments and finishing within allotted time frames is worthy of praise.

Greater Productivity
It goes without saying that if your staff feel more motivated towards their work, as outlined above, they are more likely to work harder and faster on behalf of the company. By treating them with respect and that their individual skills, experience, and what they can personally bring to the table can have an impact, you are giving them more reasons to not just clock in and monotonously perform their tasks like a robot, but actually, achieve greatness. 
When you appreciate their work and you are positive about what they have done, it will rub off on them and they will also feel positive about themselves.

Lower Turnover Rate
It’s been touched upon already, but employees who are treated with respect and whose work efforts are appreciated, are less likely to jump ship at the first chance they get. Therefore, if you have been suffering from a high turnover rate of staff recently, it may be time to revise your company’s culture and the overall morale of the workforce. 
It won’t stop the situation being frightening and stressful, simply giving them a gifted bundle of goodies. What it will do, though, is show them that you have their back and are interested in them as people and don’t see them as disposable drones.

So What Do You Do?
There are many ways to show appreciation and build loyalty with employees.  Simple things like remembering to send a gift on their birthday can make all the difference in the world.  Other team-based initiatives such as a company wide recognition package can have measurable and lasting impacts.  Doing something like the above each quarter, or timing a recognition kit or bundles to reach an employee on or before an important anniversary date is hugely impactful.  If the above sounds too onerous and complicated to manage, fear not, because there are fantastic services like to take all that work off your plate!