Client Appreciation Gifts Ideas for Customers & Employees on Christmas

client appreciation

Did you know that according to the Chartered Institute of Marketing, acquiring new customers can be five to eight times more challenging compared to reaching out to a current customer? For this reason, it’s always recommended to retain your loyal customers–but how do you get started? 

We recommended starting your Gifts for client appreciation by thanking customers with client appreciation gifts. But if you want to be consistent for your whole roster of clients, consider a centralized gift-giving solution. 

Read on to learn all the benefits of customer appreciation gifts as well as how a centralized strategy can make it easier! 

Why is Client Appreciation Gifts are Important? 

Customer appreciation is important because it lets customers know that you value them. It’s a tangible reminder that your company views them as more than just a number. Instead, the company wants to enhance its customer experience.

Moreover, client’s have high expectations about the quality of service or goods that they receive. In fact, 68% of customers expect brands to also show empathy. With this in mind, you can’t just say that you’re providing exemplary service and leave it at that.

It’s important to go above and beyond standard client expectations. For this reason, gifts & Kits play a large role. 

Benefits of a Employee Appreciation Gifting With Givenly 

A centralized gifting solution through Givenly helps make thanking customers & Employees through gifts a consistent and simple process. Instead of a process that HR managers may or may not think of, you’ll have a way to merge the act of giving into your company culture. Here are a few more benefits you can enjoy: 

Clear Overview

A Client appreciation gifting company or an Employee appreciation Gifting Company uses a centralized dashboard which enables you to view all of your organization’s gift sending activity from one place. You’ll be able to get a quick idea of how many gifts you’re sending per week or per month and make ordering decisions on the fly. 

Spending Controls

You can control spending limits as well as who has the power to make ordering decisions. This can also be broken up between individuals, teams, or the whole organization. For instance, you may want your sales time to have control over small “thank you” gifts for new customers, while HR has control over employee appreciation gifts. 

Catalog and Inventory Management 

You can also control which catalogs your teams or certain individuals are able to access. For instance, there may be certain gifts you’d like to reserve for executive clients, while employees have a pool of appreciation gifts for customers or employee appreciation gifts they can choose from. The Integrated Warehousing Service enables you to have an idea of what items are in stock year-round, so you’ll never experience any shortages when you want to gift a particular item. 

Order Tracking

Through seamless integration with Salesforce, you’ll also be able to track your Bulk appreciation Gifts orders in real-time as they’re shipped to customers and employees. You’ll never have to question whether a gift got lost in transit or was never received. 

Qualities of a Good Gift

Now that you know all of the benefits of client appreciation through gifts, how do you choose the right gift for each situation? There are a few rules of thumb that make a gift memorable.

First, it’s important to realize that branding on the gifts you give isn’t appropriate for all situations. For instance, a new employee may enjoy products that have the company’s logo on them. However, an executive from a company you do business with frequently will need a more customized gift. 

Here are a few more ideas: 

Here are Few Client Appreciation Gift ideas :

Unique Gifts

It can be difficult to come up with unique gifts if you’re sending them on a large scale, but this one of the best customer appreciation gift and can be the easiest way to create a memorable customer experience. Consider your local area and what you’re famous for, such as camping, sailing, sports, and more. Then create a gift package that’s related to this theme. 

Useful Gifts

If you’re having trouble coming up with unique employee recognition gifts or customer appreciation gifts, you can’t go wrong with a practical gift that anyone could use to benefit their lives. This could be as simple and high-end as an Apple iPad, Moleskine notebooks and nice pens, or a bath set for relaxing. Consider your company’s culture and brand as well.

Fun Gifts

Your gifts don’t have to be only products–you can also give experiences by offering discounts to hotels, trips, and local events. You can also consider recreational activities that your clients may enjoy, such as biking or tennis, and give them a gift with the same theme.

Regardless of the gifts you choose, a centralized gifting solution makes it easier to keep track of what gifts you sent and when. By making note of what your clients and enjoy in your CRM software, you’ll be able to speed up the process. 

Showing Client Appreciation Through Gift-Giving

One of the easiest ways to show client appreciation or Employee recognition is through regular, generous appreciation gifts. This is because it shows customers or Buyers that you view them as more than just a number, and you value their relationship. Personalized “thank you” or birthday gifts also go a long way in helping them feel included.

A centralized gifting solution enables you to send Employee Appreciation Kits & Clients Appreciation Kits consistently and with a level of personalization that would otherwise be impossible for large organizations. And with clear spending and catalog controls, numerous people can have access to your dashboard and send gifts & Kits as a part of their regular workflow. 

Givenly partners with vendors across the country so that you’ll have access to a wide variety of unique gifts. Contact us today in order to learn more about our corporate gifting services!