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Positive Impact of Employee Points Programs

employee points programs

It’s been a hard year. Your employees have given their all to you. They’re devoted, they’re hard-working, and they’re committed to the success of your business. You can tell that the stress of the job is starting to wear on them though. They’ve worked long hours, and while it’s paid off, it shows. What can you do? How can you help them? First, showing them how much you appreciate them will go a long way. But, a single gift here and there will only go so far. Its impact will only last so long.  Instead, why not consider an employee points program that allows employees to “earn” rewards throughout the year? Employee points programs or you can say Employee Rewards Programs are an interactive approach to make your employees feel valued.

Employees will be more willing to “go the extra mile” in achieving your business’s goals. Let’s take a deeper look into how an employee points program can help your business.

Businesses Succeed by Having Good Employee Retention 

When businesses suffer from poor employee retention, they are in a constant state of training. Trainees never get to the point of being self-sufficient. Managers are constantly diving into the day-to-day and are unable to work at a strategic level.

Luckily, this vicious cycle is easy to break with a few simple changes.

Begin making your employees feel valued from the first moment that they walk into your business. Employee onboarding sets the tone for the employee’s experience at your company. You want them to feel welcome and appreciated, and not just like a random body that was hired to do a job.

Next, show employees that you reward good work. This keeps them consistently motivated to work hard, not just at specific times of the year. Utilizing an employee points program incentivizes employees to:

  • achieve their goals
  • go above and beyond
  • work well with their teammates
  • share new ideas for improvement

These rewards will help talented team members feel more motivated and more productive as they complete their work.

At the end of the day, it’s impossible to keep every employee. Employees may leave a business for any number of reasons, some of which may have nothing to do with you. Showing employees appreciation through Employee Points System for the work they did with you will keep them with a positive memory of your company. They will be more likely to recommend future employees to you.

Remote Working Can Make Forging Bonds Harder

2020 brought a drastic and unplanned push into remote work. While this allowed for more flexibility and collaboration, this also made making relationships with your coworkers more difficult. Keeping employees feeling motivated has never been more important for maintaining their loyalty.

Some employee points programs even have peer-to-peer points, where employees can reward each other. This drives a culture of recognition and performance. This will help employees feel more connected to their teammates, and in turn, your company. 

Managers who maintain a positive feedback loop of communication are more likely to have good employee engagement. Demonstrating recognition and providing rewards is a great way to help with the barriers from remote working.

Giving Gifts Makes YOU Feel Better Too

Research shows that the act of giving gifts gives people just as much satisfaction as receiving gifts. As a manager, when you make your employees feel good about their performance it bolsters your morale.

Sometimes it’s hard to decide what to give someone, though. You have to take into consideration their interests, and the message that you want to send. If you give them the wrong gift, it can make both parties feel uncomfortable.

This is why an employee points program is the perfect solution. You still get to recognize your employee in the form of digital “currency”. They get to choose a gift that they want without making an awkward situation. 

Year-Round Recognition is More Effective

Recognizing employees throughout the year is more likely to make them feel loyal to you. In general, giving gifts outside the holidays is more effective. This applies to giving recognition as well. 

Utilizing an employee points program or Employee Rewards Programs is an easy way to give recognition and appreciation year-round. You don’t need to wait for a big project. You can reward good performance at any time. Demonstrating appreciation unexpectedly will surprise your employees and make them feel more valued. 

When employees feel valued, they will be more engaged in their day-to-day. They will perform better, and they will be more enthusiastic about their work. This will encourage them to find ways to improve performance and help others around them. 

Employee Points Programs Drive Innovation

A meaningful and enjoyable employee experience is the key to innovation and productivity. When employees are happy with their work, they interact positively with their coworkers and teams. This sparks better decisions and better idea generation. 

Working towards a chosen reward will push employees to go above and beyond and improve the quality of their work. Recognizing innovation and new ideas will encourage more from all employees.

When new changes are initiated by the workforce, employees are more likely to embrace the change and help take it to completion. More successful changes and new developments will result.

How Can You Get Started with Employee Points System?

Hopefully, you’re sold now on how beneficial an Employee Points System or employee points program can be to your business. It will help with employee retention and employee morale. Happier and more motivated employees will further your business’s growth.

Givenly is here to get you started. Set up an account today and let us know how we can help you to reward your employees.