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Positive Impact of Gifting to Clients

gifting to clients

In this hypercompetitive world, there are very few ways of distinguishing yourself from your competition. One overlooked and most often ignored way is gifting to clients. 

Through client gifting, you can show your intention for a harmonious and long-term relationship with your client without using words. The happier your relationship with your client, the easier it would be to grow your business. Happy clients equal a happy business. That’s why we have created this guide below on the positive impact of corporate gifting. 

Builds Your Relationship

There are many different kinds of corporate gifts you can use, but all of them will do the same thing. They will help you build and cement your relationship with your client. 

Clients are worth their weights in gold, especially if they are the low-maintenance kind. Once you have a client, it’s much more important to retain their business, than to go finding new clients. In fact, it can cost 5 times as much to acquire a new client than to retain an old one. 

Through corporate gifting, you can let your client know how much they mean to you and your business. This way they will keep you in their thoughts when it comes time for renewal or any new purchases. 

Positively Impacts Your Brand Perception

As iterated earlier, there’s a reason why corporate gifting is so beneficial to businesses. It’s because most people forget to do it or ignore its value in client retention. But more than that, client gifting can build a positive view of you and your business in your client’s eyes. 

The more authentic (and practical) you can make your corporate gifts, the better. For example, if a real estate agent gives out calendars to all their clients or keychains, every single time, the client uses that calendar or keychain, positive memories and thoughts about their real estate agent will resound in their mind. 

Clients who have a good opinion about your brand are the ones who will become repeat customers of your brand. That’s one reason why Apple has become such a household name in the industry – it’s because their brand perception is through the roof. Corporate gifting can help you get there, as well.

Expresses Gratitude

Your client could have gone with so many other competitors but chose your business to work with. That has something to do with the quality of your product and service, of course. But it’s also a choice that your client made. 

And that choice should be rewarded through client gifting. This also shows your client that you understand that they have placed their trust and faith in your business and that you will do your very best in return. 

One way to make the gift more about gratitude and more meaningful is to make the gift about them rather than about you. Make it a practical sort of gift that shows them that you were thinking specifically about them when choosing the gift.

If you are close to them and know that there’s something they would like as a gift, choose that, if possible. Don’t break the bank, of course, but try to bring your knowledge about clients into your corporate gifts. 

Develops Goodwill

One way that businesses grow nowadays is through word-of-mouth and referrals. If your clients have faith and trust in your business and have a deepened relationship with you due to corporating gifting, they are more likely to refer your business to their friends, family, and colleagues. 

If you want to get free marketing through word-of-mouth, client gifting can help you get there. The happier your customers are with you and your service, the more likely they are to speak kindly of your business to others, be it online or offline.

Helps You Reconnect with Old Clients

Perhaps you have some clients who have dropped off or maybe you lost contact with them due to some extenuating circumstances. It’s not easy to rebuild such relationships by merely saying hello. There’s something more you need to do.

Through client gifting, you can rekindle old client relationships, without putting a burden upon them. All you need to do is send them a gift and let them initiate the relationship again if that’s something they desire. 

This way it’s low pressure and keeps you in their minds when they think of purchasing new products or signing a new contract. 

It’s the emotional connection that matters when it comes to corporate relationships. You know that if you can build an emotional connection with someone, they will be more likely to give you their business in turn. 

Gifting Also Helps with Employee Retention

As you can imagine, gifting isn’t only useful for building corporate relationships, but also your relationship with your employees. If you are considering how to make employee onboarding and employee recognition easier, gifting is a great way to do it.

You can also have a system in place where employees themselves can gift other employees recognizing them for their outstanding efforts and achievements. This way you don’t have to worry about missing good work from great employees. 

Everyone takes their new employees out for dinner or drinks, but giving them a gift is a great way of ensuring that you build goodwill in their hearts for you. Loyal employees are more likely to stick around and to do great work. One way to ensure employee loyalty is through gifting. 

Gifting to Clients Isn’t Old Fashioned at All

If you are wondering if gifting to clients is a bit last century, think again. There are many ways to give thoughtful gifts to your clients (and employees) to improve your relationship with them and to increase your goodwill. 

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