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Employee Recognition Programs : 5 Ways to Reward Your Team for a Job Well Done

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One underrated element to business success is workplace morale.

While keeping numbers in mind is great to perfect your logistical strategy, it’s also important to know who’s behind a business’s victories – its employees.

That’s why you’ll want to use Employee Recognition Gifts so that your employees feel appreciated throughout their time at your company.

Doing so will ensure that they keep up the great work and that you maintain better employee retention!

So keep reading to learn more. We’ll offer seven great ways to reward your team for their fantastic work.

1. Constructive Praise

Though intangible, this method of employee recognition can be used on a daily basis. It will motivate your employees to feel better about being at their job and key them in on how to play up their strengths.

Of course, constructive criticism is also important. Using it when necessary is also crucial to improve your employees’ performance. But without praise, employees won’t even have a well-rounded understanding of how to improve.

So as a part of employee recognition Program make sure your employees know they’re appreciated through praise. Though complimenting every employee every single day might seem overbearing to some, here are some methods to show your appreciation:

  • Private meeting discussing their strengths as an employee
  • Handwritten notes
  • Encouraging supervisors to do the same

2. Birthday Ease and Celebration

It’s not viable for most people to stay home during their birthday. Even if they love their job, it’s nice to have a full day to themselves on their birthday. Though you can’t always give them a full day off (though it’s nicest to do just that) because it’s their birthday, you can go easy on them.

Some ways to do this include letting them take their time at breakfast. If their birthday lands on a day where employees are expected to cooperate with a high-pressure event, give them the option of opting out, at least temporarily.

Not only that, but you can also celebrate their birthday in the office! Though keep in mind that not every employee will want such a loud bash. Some people might want not want to be the center of attention for an entire day at their place of work.

Either way, it’s good practice to know everyone’s birthdays and to plan for them. You could use company funds to buy a cake, snacks, and drinks to play up the festivities. Customizing this cake from a bakery according to your employees’ tastes will also personalize this gesture even more.

3. Office Snacks/Catering

Speaking of sweets, putting out a delectable spread of snacks in the office is bound to be appreciated by your employees in more ways than one. The best way to do this is to provide a good mix of healthier and more processed foods so that your employees can exercise plenty of choices.

Employee Retention Program will also energize your employees throughout the day. It will also help them understand that their superiors are looking out for them. Instead of just crackers and coffee, a diverse layout of finger food will show thoughtfulness through a variety of nutrition.

You could even cater their lunches once in a while! Depending on your budget, this might not be viable to do a few times a week. But whether this is done weekly or monthly, your employees will have even more incentive to come to work with anticipation and enthusiasm.

4. Employee Celebrations

If you want an excuse to pull out all the stops, big employee celebrations are the best way to do just that. Celebrating your employees’ employment will help them understand that they, as individuals, are not simply expendable to the company. Their work and performance is thoroughly appreciated and you look forward to their future at the company.

There are several events in an employee’s work history to celebrate. Here are a few:

  • Employee onboarding
  • 1-year/5-year/10-year/etc anniversaries
  • Retirement

Employee onboarding celebrations might make more sense if your company doesn’t see new employees that often. This way, employees will understand from the get-go that the company is excited to work with them.

Anniversaries and retirements are going to elicit the biggest bashes. While levels of celebration may vary between anniversary milestones, these are the events to pay most attention to. Not only will your employees feel flattered and appreciated, but it will also demonstrate to other employees that there is much to look forward to at your company.

5. Corporate Gifts

Not all forms of corporate appreciation need to be eaten or simply listened to. Corporate gifting with physical tokens of appreciation can also help employees understand how much their employees care for them.

Corporate gifts don’t have to be given out of the blue either. They can be incorporated into the aforementioned celebrations listed above. But instead of just tossing them a gift card, try to personalize these gifts the best you can.

Does your secretary love a good cup of homemade coffee? Then for their 10-year anniversary, you might want to invest in a premium espresso machine! If they’re someone that loves home cooking, an indoor garden herb system could be perfect.

Amp Up Your Team Reward Strategy!

Best employee recognition programs can put a smile on your face as a supervisor. But even in the bigger picture, offering a great team reward can optimize business success.

At, a employee retention programs company, we understand how important your corporate team’s happiness is to the entire company. That’s why we offer services that make it easy to connect with your employees, clients, and partners with fantastic incentives. So if you’re looking for employee recognition programs company interested in corporate gifting and/or employee recognition awards, sign up with us today!