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Corporate Gifting Strategy – 9 Reasons Your Business Needs to Think About Corporate Gifting

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In the 21st century, building a business isn’t just about hiring the right people, creating a wonderful product, and staying ambitious. It’s also about maintaining relationships. 

Yes, business has always been about interactions between people. But in the 21st century, people expect that businesses to act as upright citizens as well.

This is why it’s important to start thinking about corporate gifting. But what is corporate gifting? How can you use employee rewards, client gifting, and corporate gifts to help with employee retention and recurring clients?

This article on Corporate Gifting Strategy will walk you through everything you need to know.  

Why Corporate Gifting is Important :

1. You Show You Care 

If corporate gifting does one thing, it shows that you care. Say you’ve just done business for the second time with a customer, you’ve done a particularly good job, and your client is very happy about your service. Sending them a gift as a thank you will remind them that you care about them and enjoyed working with them as well. 

Word of mouth is very important in the world of business. It’s easier than ever for people to share just how good your service was, which makes word of mouth extra important. 

These satisfied customers may very well share their stories about your great gift with their friends. This will raise eyebrows amongst their community. It also works for your employees as well. 

If you gift your employees for a job well done, you show them that they matter to you. This won’t only encourage them to do a better job, it might cause them to tell their friends about their experience. 

You never know who your employees might know. Their friends might just happen to be highly skilled people who work in your field who have started looking for a job recently. Corporate gifting can lead to employee onboarding. 

2. Sets You Apart From Your Competitors 

While many customers expect companies to be great corporate citizens and friends — how many companies do you think actually live up to this standard? 

Most clients can’t live up to this standard. That’s not because the clients are wrong, but because most companies just haven’t caught up to the times. 

When you send your employee a gift, you’re sending them a message from another world. You’re bringing them back to the times of the small town when everyone knew each other and did business with each other as a favor. You’re telling them that you value them beyond their monetary value. 

Most other companies don’t do this. This makes it extra easy for you to lead the pack. 

This also sets you apart from other employers. It will only take you a few minutes scrolling through Twitter to find tons of people who are fed up and not satisfied with their job and having to work in the first place. 

A lot of the time, it’s not really the job that they’re talking about, or even the fact that they have to work in the first place. Oftentimes these people aren’t lazy, they just find themselves where they have to work for an employer who does not care about them; this breeds resentment. 

If you can step in and get yourself recognized as the employer who cares, people are far more likely to put more effort into working for you. People might even quit their jobs working for your competitors to come work for you — why wouldn’t they if your workspace was a better environment?  

3. It’s a Great Branding Opportunity  

The above items on this list are wonderful opportunities for you to build your companies brand. The personality of your brand is even more important than any logos you could design. While brand name, slogan, and logo can be easily changed, it’s hard to shift public perception. 

But brand personality isn’t the only type of branding you can build through corporate gifting. You can also give gifts that have your brand logo on them, to remind your customer of the good times you had together doing business. 

A great gifting service, like the one that Givenly provides, allows you options for branded Teddy Bears, branded mugs, branded blankets, branded bags, branded volleyballs, branded candy, and branded gifts baskets. 

These gifts provide a one-two-three punch that will help gain you business.

For one, your customer, enjoying their gift, is more likely to shop again. For two, your brand’s logo is getting out there in the world where people can see it. For three, if people ask your customer about the branded content, they’ll be able to recommend you to others. 

4. You’ll Save Money

All of this means that you’ll be able to save more money. 

How much do you spend onboarding, advertising, trying to remarket to your customers, trying to improve your brand’s image, trying to improve your personality, trying to leverage public opinion? By giving the gift of kindness, you can save yourself both money and effort. 

The less money that you can spend on advertising, the more you’ll be able to spend money on providing your customers with a great product. Both of these things in tandem will improve your business.  

Corporate Gifting 

As you can see, corporate gifting is one of the best things you can do for your business. It’ll help set you apart from your competition, introduce a great branding opportunity, and save you money.

On top of that, it will make your job more pleasant as a boss. Start giving your clients and your employees gifts today. 

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