8 Employee Gift Ideas to Give On Their Birthday

employee birthday gift ideas

Modern office culture is reliant on showing employees that you appreciate them. One of the biggest opportunities you have to show appreciation is their birthday! Giving employee gifts on their Birthday can show how much you value them.

But, how do you know what to get them? Everyone has different tastes, and it can be hard to know what every employee enjoys.

If you’re looking for employee birthday gift ideas, we want to help! Keep reading, and we’ll walk you through the top 8 birthday gifts for employees.

Employee Birthday Gifts Ideas :

1. A Great Self-Care Kit

Every hardworking employee will love a chance to take a break and relax. An employee that feels relaxed and refreshed can be more productive during the day. Employee birthday gifts should leave them feeling great, and a self-care kit will do that.

Popular elements of self-care kits include candles, lotions, bath bombs, face masks, and cozy socks. Products made with natural ingredients are clean and luxurious options.

When picking out scents, try to pick neutral smells that aren’t overwhelming. Avoiding anything too strong can make these employee gifts perfect for anyone. Lavender, rosemary, and eucalyptus are easy to find and can help reduce stress.

2. Give the Gift of Saftey

Among the Best corporate gift ideas for employees, Giving the gift of safety is always appreciated. You can send your employees a collection of masks, thermometers, testing kits, and gloves via an employee birthday gift program.

Providing your employees with PPE and covid testing kits may seem like an odd birthday gift, but it isn’t! Masks and testing kits are expensive and hard to find. Providing these supplies will help save them money and show that you care about their safety.

This Employee Gifting Idea works for anyone’s birthday because covid impacts everyone. You don’t need to worry about how they react to smells or the space they have in their home. It benefits both you as an employer and the employee who receives it.

Using an employee birthday gift program gives you the ability to buy materials in bulk. This lowers costs and keeps you prepared for everyone’s special day.

3. Plants That Brighten a Room

For many people, plants are becoming a key part of both indoor and outdoor decorations. Plants provide ambiance, cleaner air, and a sense of accomplishment when they thrive.

You can give a single plant in a pot that has a fun caption like “We Appreciate the Thyme You’ve spent with Us.” Or, you can gift many seed packets so your employee can go through the entire growth process.

For smaller plants, consider gifting two or three. The more plants you have around each other, the easier it is for them to thrive.

To elevate this Employee Birthday Gift, provide your employee with gardening gloves and a watering pot. You can even consider a kit that comes with paints so they can decorate their flower pots.

4. Everything They Need to Work At Home

One of the Best Employee appreciation gift idea is Supporting your employees as they work from home shows how flexible you are. Employees who feel supported in their work style choices will enjoy their work.

Work from home kits include earplugs, webcam covers, headphones, and chair support. As you pick out items for this gift, consider what will be beneficial for your employee.

Noise-canceling headphones can make zoom meetings easier. Gifting these to your employee will improve their work experience.

5. Create the Perfect Coffee Bar

Everyone knows that the business world runs on coffee. One of our top employee birthday gift ideas is the tools needed to create the perfect coffee bar. This gives your employee the chance to create top-tier morning drinks from the comfort of their own home.

A french press, coffee grinder, or cold brew bottle are tools you can gift to make creating different types of coffee fun and easy. Different syrups, bean types, or toppings are ingredients that can take your employee’s coffee game to the next level. Your employee will be awake for every meeting with these great Office gifts.

6. Help Them Sleep Easy

Sleep is important for productivity. The more rested your employee feels at night, the higher their quality of work will be during the day. Employee birthday gifts that promote sleep will make getting through the workday easier.

Sleep masks can help block the early morning sunlight. Or, you can get them a special alarm clock that eases them into waking up. Essential oil diffusers create a comforting environment that will make falling asleep effortless.

Do you have employees that travel a lot? A gift like this can help them fall asleep no matter where they are.

7. Delicious Treats

If you’re looking for funny employee birthday gift ideas, delicious treats are the way to go. You can customize these treats with your company branding. Or, you can print compliments on each of the treats.

You can design treat boxes around themes like chocolate or health foods. Assorted popcorn flavors, different candy types, customized cookies, and delicious drink baskets are also options.

Keep in mind any allergies or dietary restrictions your employee might have. Knowing what they can eat will make these employee birthday gifts even more special.

8. Personalized Stationery

The best part of any work space is the stationary. Personalized stationary is an opportunity to decoarte a space with useful materials. The rise in aesthetic stationary has given employees another way to show off their personality.

You can order everything from pens to notebooks in their favorite color. Or, have every material engraved with with quotes from their favorite piece of media.

9. Employee Points for Redemptions

Another great gift option is to give employees the “Gift of Choice” which can often be delivered through an Employee Points system.  This is not only an easy and stress-free way to recognize employees, but gives them the option to choose the right item that is best suited to their preferences, avoiding any misunderstandings should a pre-selected gift not communicate the right sentiment. 

Take Advantage of These Employee Birthday Gift Ideas Today!

After reading the top 8 employee birthday gift ideas, you’re ready to place your order. Instead of trying to gather items and ship them yourself, work with an employee birthday gift program.

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