How Branded Merchandise can Improve your Employee Onboarding Experience

branded merchandise

A bad hire can cost a company at least 30% of that employee’s expected first year of earnings. This is significant for any organization, and a cost most would rather not bear. A structured employee onboarding process can help. Great onboarding experiences result in the likelihood of almost 70% of employees staying with a company for at least three years. It’s about making the experience a memorable one. Onboarding Kit for New Employees can help.

It’s the perfect way to introduce new employees to your company while making them feel like part of a team.

Read on to find out how the right merchandise can introduce new hires to your company.

Employee Onboarding Welcome Kits

Branded Merchandise Ideas

When it comes to branding, there are many types of merchandise you can choose from. You can get items to suit various situations. These can be for everyday use or specific occasions. Here are a few items you can consider:

Wearable Merchandise can include t-shirts, shirts, hoodies, men’s and women’s apparel, accessories, caps, or polos.

Drinkware such as coffee mugs, glasses, travel mugs, glasses for alcoholic beverages, and water bottles.

Office gear including pens, pencils, stationery, mousepads, etc.

Bags such as laptop cases, tote bags, carry bags, and gift bags.

Electronic items can include phone chargers, phone cases, tablet cases, laptop decals, and USBs.

Some companies also choose to brand household items. These can include hygiene products and food items.

You can also consider specialized products. You can base these on the products or services you provide. These can include luggage tags, pillows, or picture frames. 

You can brand just about anything. This leaves you with many options based on your needs.

Remember, depending on the items you choose you don’t have to limit yourself to your logo. You can use merchandise to display your company’s mission, vision, and values as well.

How Branded Merchandise Can Improve the Employee Onboarding Experience

They’re usually only a handful of candidates out of thousands that applied for the position. You’ve determined they have the qualifications for the role. Their personality will more than likely fit in with your company culture. 

No doubt there were a lot of other employers vying for their attention, but they chose your company. Your employee onboarding process is a chance to make a great first impression that lasts. 

It costs more than $4,100 to onboard one employee. Ideally, the aim is to ensure each employee enjoys a fulfilling, long relationship with your company. Here’s how Employee Onboarding Welcome Kits can help.

Promote Your Company Culture

Part of onboarding new employees involves providing them with an overview of your company’s goals. It’s also an opportunity to introduce them to your company culture. This can also be part of the pre-boarding for employees.

It’s up to you whether you will begin this process right after hiring them or at their official onboarding. Either way, using branded merchandise can help.

You can choose Onboarding Kit for New Employees that help you to convey your company’s mission, vision, and values. Ideally, items they can place on their desks, or wear are great reminders. It will help to reinforce these company philosophies daily.

Advertise Your Brand

Wearable branded employee onboarding kits or items used daily can also help foster brand recognition. When a new employee wears an item with your logo, it signals they’re part of your organization. It also advertises your brand to other people they may encounter while wearing the item.

It’s a great way for them to test their knowledge about the company if they’re asked questions. Speaking on behalf of the organization also helps them to feel like they’re a part of a team.

Team Effort

There is a psychological effect when a team wears a uniform. It shifts their mindset to one of unity and motivates them toward achieving a common goal.

Think about why you wear your favorite team’s t-shirt at a game, and how it makes you feel. Branded onboarding welcome kits can have the same effect on your employees. It will help them to feel that they are a part of something great and that their role is important.

Increased Engagement

Regardless of what your branded item may be, a new employee will see it as a gift. Everyone likes to receive presents. It makes them feel appreciated and valued. 

This will help to increase their engagement. Being highly engaged as they start their new role within the company is a source of motivation. It will help as they adapt to their new functions and set them up for greater success.

It Can Also Be Practical

Branded merchandise can serve a dual purpose. It can achieve all the benefits above. But it’s also a great way to provide a stocked workstation to new employees.

The possibilities are endless and can include:

  • Pens and pencils
  • Notebooks and writing pads
  • Mouse and mouse pads
  • Folders
  • Pencil/pen holders

it’s a perfect way to provide them with the tools they need to do their job while reinforcing your brand. Every time an employee uses one of these items, it will help them to remember your company’s mission, vision, and values. 

The Right Tools for Successful Employee Onboarding

Increasing the retention rate for new employees starts with your onboarding process. Even a standard experience can result in half of your new hires staying with your company.

But why not make yours a memorable one? The key to doing this is using the right tools. You’ll want to make them excited about joining your company.

Branded merchandise or onboarding welcome kit for new employees can help create this excitement. It will help new employees feel like they are a part of a team. 

Givenly has an array of merchandise you can choose from to ensure you get it right. Check out our employee onboarding and new hire kits to start making a great first impression!