Corporate gifting

The holidays are a time for gift-giving, which gives everyone warm and fuzzy feelings inside. But we all know how tough it is to find the perfect presents for our loved ones; shopping can take forever! Corporate gifting can be even more stressful since you’re not as familiar with your employees’ and clients’ tastes. There are so many possibilities and it’ll take forever to sift through them all to determine which ones are acceptable and impressive!

The good news is, we’re here to help. Read on for a fantastic list of corporate gifting in 2022 that you can follow!


Chocolates are always welcome as any type of gift, considering many people have sweet tooths! No matter what time of year or what occasion, chocolates are a safe bet.

An elegant assorted box makes it easy for your employees and clients to share their presents with others. They can even set these boxes out at their workplaces to spread the holiday joy.

Popcorn Tins

Popcorn tins are a great alternative to chocolates if you’ve got people who don’t like this decadent dessert. These are also easily sharable, plus portable!

Not to mention, the tins also have beautiful designs. So your gift recipients can always repurpose the tins after they’re done devouring the popcorn inside.

Snack Basket

Everyone always gets the munchies at work when they’ve been slaving away at their desks. When they see a large snack basket arrive, they’ll jump for joy!

These baskets include things like cookies, truffles, and assorted teas and coffees to complement these snacks. There will definitely be something for everyone!

Fruit and Gourmet Baskets

If you’re working with health-conscious people, then they may not enjoy receiving fattening treats like chocolate and popcorn. A fruit and gourmet basket will be the ideal gift in this situation, as it’ll come with plenty of fresh fruits and nuts for the recipients to munch on.

These baskets are also large and luxurious, so they’re sure to impress! And again, they’re easy to share in the workplace, as the recipient just has to set out the open basket and everyone can help themselves.

Bottles of Wine

Bottles of wine are always a classy present to give. Even if they don’t drink alcohol, your giftees can either display the bottle and show off its designs or pour glasses out for their future guests.

In any case, these presents are also compact, which makes them easy to order and give out. It won’t be difficult for your employees or clients to travel home with this gift after a holiday party.

Flower Arrangements

Flowers can add a nice touch to your giftees’ space, especially if it’s been a bleak season.

An arrangement that has several types of flowers is ideal. Not only does it add more depth, volume, and color, but it also increases the chances of your recipients liking their corporate gifts.

Succulent Box

Not everyone enjoys flowers; some don’t like how bright and obnoxious they are, and others are allergic to the pollen.

A more tasteful but still living gift is a succulent box. These plants come in beautiful varieties and are easy to take care of, so your giftees don’t have to worry about watering them too often.

These business gifts will look great anywhere as well! Not only can you keep them in the office, but you can also take them home or anywhere else to brighten up the space.

Money Tree

Gifting someone greenery for their business or home is always an excellent idea since it can really perk things up. Plants can soften up a harsh commercial space and make it easier on the eyes.

The pachira tree is a popular choice since it’s also known as the money tree. It can be a nice and fun gesture to send this as a token of good luck and bless your clients’ businesses. Plus, it’s a gorgeous plant to have around anyway!

Monogram Champagne Flutes

It’s common for workplaces to break out the champagne when they sign a big contract. So gifting your employees or clients monogram champagne flutes is a very thoughtful gesture!

These can be personalized to have the company name or individuals’ names on them. Every time there’s cause for celebration, they’ll be reminded of your wonderful gift.

Spa Gift Baskets

If it’s been an especially grueling quarter, then nothing says “I appreciate your hard work” more than a spa gift basket. This is a good gift for your employees, as they’ll see that you genuinely care for them and want to look after both their mental and physical health.

These holiday presents for corporate employees will ensure they not only feel appreciated, but also well-rested during the holidays. As a result, they’ll have better productivity once they return!

Wireless Headphones

Have you noticed that your employees need some good beats to get a work groove going? Then surprise them with these corporate employee presents!

A nice pair of wireless headphones ensures that your workers won’t fuss with tangled cords. And they’ll get to listen to their favorite tracks with crystal clear audio and thumping bass.

Impress Everyone With Your Corporate Gifting

With this list, you won’t have to think twice when it comes to corporate gifting. Whether you want to show appreciation for your employees’ hard work or your clients’ patronage, these corporate holiday presents will definitely impress everyone!

So before the holidays come up, give this list a once over and start ordering gifts early. That way, you’ll be prepared long before Santa Claus is!

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