Corporate Holiday Gifting

Holiday Gifting

Holiday gifting is great for strengthening connections between managers and their workforce and clients.

It’s a surefire way to maintain employee retention, improve the working environment, and instill positivity around the office. It makes staff feel rewarded for all of the hard work they’ve put in.

Corporate gifts to clients help in maintaining positive relations, as well as improving retention. Then, the business can continue to flourish while keeping all parties satisfied with them during the process.

In this gift guide, we’ll show you the benefits of giving clients gifts and how an employee points system is a perfect for keeping employees positive. In addition, we’ll look at why a corporate gifting platform is fantastic for implementing gifting programs.

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Corporate Holiday Gifting for Clients and Employees

The giving of gifts at holiday times helps staff and clients get into the spirit. Especially with it coming up to Christmas, it’s that time of the year when everyone’s joyful and preparing themselves for the festive season.

Here are some of the best advantages of presenting gifts to them during this time.

Huge Gift Selections

We offer more than 10,000 holiday gifts. Therefore, you’re never lost in what we have to provide – they’re something for everyone!

Some of the gifts we offer include:

  • Selection boxes
  • Hampers
  • Gift cards

Above that, we also have other presents to give from flowers to rucksacks, headphones, and watches.

Also, we offer holiday programs where a plentiful supply of gifts is handed out. Our programs have been in operation for nearly ten years, showing that we’re well-versed in providing a wide range of goods to ensure you’re kept happy at the time of the year we all love.

We do the following to ensure that your presents find their way into your hands without issue:

  • Find the right suppliers
  • Order the gifts
  • Personally brand the packaging

If you’re a staff member or one of our clients, Givenly has got you covered!

Branded and Personalized Gifts

We offer our own individual branding so that you know that we’ve put the time and effort into making your gifts special. Then, you know we’ve added our own personal touch. Doesn’t that leave you feeling valued and appreciated – whether you work for us or are a client?

But branding isn’t the end of us with our gifting. Much more is included with our business name and logo, as well as our own personal slant. 

How We Show Our Employees Matter Through Holiday Gifting

For our staff alone, we have particular plans in place when it comes to corporate holiday gifting. These show the level of care and consideration we give to them, here in the way of gifts!

These are some of the top ways we show our appreciation during the holiday season.

Simple Holiday Gifting

Gifting with Givenly is made easy with our tools and technology – so never worry! Remember, there’s always a variety and we make the process of getting them to you simple.

When we hand over our gifts to you, we show that you’re the superstars in our business. We know the hard graft that you put in and we want you to be recognized for it.

It’s not just Christmas time that we give gifts to you for – it’s for other seasons, too! Even birthday gifts are handed out to staff through our Employee Gifting program, for which we have a multitude of presents to give out. That way, you know you’re valued even more and can expect gifting year-round to keep you motivated.

Tracking of Goods

When you put your order in there’s nothing to fret about – our online portal helps us track and record all orders through our extensive ordering system. Through this, you’re kept up to speed with:

  • Regular in-time updates
  • Tracking of your order
  • Delivery dates and times

Our team will keep you in the loop from start to finish of the entire ordering process. That way, you can have your gifts delivered stress-free while looking forward to your goodies.

Givenly’s Vendor Program

Through our vendor program, we keep in regular touch with our sellers so that your gifts are always sent to us on time. Because of this, we can stay ahead with your order so that you can be sure that you’ll never receive it late.

We have the most well-considered vendor program in all of Chicago and across the U.S. You have the option of choosing your favorite seller that participates in our program so that you can receive the best gifts and ones that are most suitable for you.

Why Make Givenly Your Choice for Corporate Gifts

Givenly allows you to process your gift orders in just a few short minutes. With thousands of gits available, our vendors with a top reputation will sort your order through:

  • Scheduling
  • Sending
  • Tracking

As well as our clients, we also offer our Employee Points Program. 

Employee Points Program

The program involves a comprehensive Points Portal. This allows you to provide a worthy and alluring experience to your staff which raises:

  • The spirit of your employees
  • Confidence in your workforce
  • The contentment of your staff

During the holiday season, this is particularly important since it’s such a busy time of the year. But don’t forget – those gifts can really boost their joy and productivity!

Choose Givenly as Your Corporate Holiday Gifting Platform

Holiday gifting is the perfect way to keep your staff and clients happy, driven, and wanting to stick with you. Now you know why corporate holiday gifts are the way forward and why we’re the right platform for you.

Want to get rewarded for all your hard work and commitment, whether you’re an employee or a client? We’ve got thousands of gifts to give you in return. Contact us today to get started!