Positive Impact of Gifting to Clients

Gifting to Clients

Research shows that 84% of surveyed employees prefer gift cards from employers. If gift-giving is paramount for employee retention, how does client gifting factor in? There’s a positive impact of gifting to clients, and it’s not as simple as sending them a generic fruit basket.

No matter what type of gift you send your clients, it’s important to send a personalized gift with them in mind. You also want to include a thoughtful note. Remember to keep notes simple and from the heart.  

This holiday season, send your business associates a gift that says “thank you” by following this helpful corporate gift guide. Keep reading to learn about the importance of corporate gifting. 

Show Your Gratitude

Clients appreciate gifts and see them as a sign of gratitude. Gifts remind them that you see their business as a precious commodity and not just a bottom line. 

It’s reported that when you emotionally connect with customers, they’ll have a 306% higher lifetime value. They may even recommend your brand at a higher rate and stay with your company for an average of 5.1 years. 


While corporate gifting is meant to forge relationships and facilitate trust, it’s also an essential part of self-promotion. Gifting your clients something thoughtful and useful helps keep you and your business stay top-of-mind, especially if you include a little something with your business name and logo on it, such as a pen or stationary. 

Depending on your budget, you may want to tier your gifts. Tier one customers receive smaller gifts, tier two customers receive medium-sized gifts, and tier one customers (your most valued customers) receive the highest-end gifts you’re looking to give. 

More branded gift ideas include umbrellas, tote bags, and calendars. 

Promote Creativity

While it’s never a bad idea to include some promotional items in your corporate gifts, remember to use this opportunity to show your clients just how creative you are. Consider personalized gifts that speak to your clients so they see your out-of-the-box thinking skills and ability to understand their specific wants and needs. 

Gain Prospective Clients

Are you looking to gain clients? If so, consider corporate gifts for prospective customers. These gifts are called sales prospecting gifts, and 40% of reps feel sales prospecting is one of the hardest aspects of their job. 

Some gift ideas include charitable donations in their name, custom gift baskets, and restaurant gift cards, to name a few.

You’ll want to utilize your list of customers that you’re looking to land, and send them a personalized gift. You can time when you send these gifts, especially if you’re looking for them to complete a purchase or sign a contract with you. 

Choose strategically selected gifts so your prospecting efforts stand out among the competition. You’ll also want to select gifts that help start conversations in a personal way. This helps build a strong foundation that results in deeper, more meaningful connections with prospective clients. 

Include a Personalized Note

Including a personalized note is just as important as the gift itself. Try to limit the length of your note to only a few lines. If you have more to say to a valued client, consider sending an accompanying email. 

Try to keep notes light and fun, unless you know your client has had a difficult time lately. If so, it’s okay to address the situation or say you’re keeping them in your thoughts. 

You should also consider who might see your note. If you’re privy to sensitive or personal information and your client isn’t the first person to open corporate gifts in their office, then be mindful of what you include in your note. You don’t want to divulge personal information to their colleagues. 

Ensure your note conveys to the client how valued they are, how much you appreciate their business, and your willingness to help them with any future needs. 

Once your note is written, be sure it arrives on time. If it’s a holiday note, you’ll want it to arrive several days before the holidays, especially if their business closes for a few days.  

Efficacy of Corporate Gifting

Now that you know why corporate gifting is pivotal for any business, it’s best to understand the efficacy of gifting to clients.

One company opted to send clients small gifts such as eGift cards and branded socks. They did so to help bolster phone contact rates.

As expected, they increased their phone contact rates by 20% when sending a small gift before each call. They were even able to increase the completion of meetings by 20%. 

Another business sent prospective clients custom tumblers and offered Amazon gift cards as an incentive to complete sales calls. They created 34 new opportunities valued at over one million dollars. As a percentage, their ROI was 434%.  

The impact of gifting to clients is quantifiable and builds trust, promotes brand awareness, and forges long-lasting relationships. 

Positive Impact of Gifting to Clients

Now that you understand the impact of gifting to clients this holiday season, you can start shopping. Remember to choose a gift that showcases your creativity, promotes your brand, and caters to your client’s specific interests. 

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