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How Using Points as a Recognition Tool Builds Employee Culture

A positive and thriving corporate culture is an integral part of any successful business. At its core, it’s about acknowledging the hard work and achievements of employees, encouraging their growth and development, and fostering an environment where everyone feels valued and appreciated. One innovative way of achieving this is through a points-based recognition system. At Givenly, we offer robust solutions to incorporate a points system into your recognition program, helping build a stronger, more engaged, and productive workplace culture.

The Power of Points

Points-based recognition programs are about more than just tallying scores. They are a tangible representation of an employee’s contribution and can create a fun, engaging, and motivating work environment. They provide a quantifiable way to measure and appreciate an individual’s efforts, fostering a culture of recognition and continuous improvement.

A Culture of Recognition

Points as recognition tools are incredibly powerful in creating a culture of appreciation. By assigning points to various achievements, employers can make their gratitude tangible and visible. These programs offer a flexible, scalable, and customizable way to acknowledge employee efforts, which can significantly improve morale, engagement, and loyalty.

Idea: Use our Brand-On-Demand feature to design custom tokens or badges representing different point values. As employees earn points, they can receive these tokens, creating a visual and physical representation of their achievements.

Points for Personal Growth

Encouraging personal and professional growth is an essential aspect of a positive corporate culture. Points systems can incentivize learning and development activities, promoting a culture of continuous improvement and lifelong learning.

Idea: Consider pairing our points system with our Articles and Advice platform. Employees can earn points for reading, sharing insights from the articles, or participating in knowledge sharing sessions, encouraging a culture of learning.

Nurturing Teamwork with Points

Points can also foster a culture of collaboration and teamwork. Awarding points for successful teamwork or collaborative efforts can strengthen interpersonal relationships, promote healthy competition, and cultivate a cooperative work environment.

Idea: Use our Corporate Gifting services to create team-based rewards. Teams that accumulate a certain number of points could earn a team-building activity or group reward, encouraging collaboration and camaraderie.

Onboarding and Engagement

Points systems can be beneficial during the onboarding process as well. New hires can quickly understand the company culture and expectations, and they can see their learning progress quantified in points, making the onboarding process more engaging and rewarding.

Idea: Incorporate the points system into our Employee Onboarding Kits. New hires can earn points for completing orientation tasks or learning modules, promoting engagement from day one.

A Holiday Spin

Adding a festive twist to your points system during the holiday season can make the work environment more fun and engaging. It can also help keep morale high during a busy and often stressful time of year.

Idea: Use our Holiday Gifting options to provide holiday-themed rewards. Employees can redeem their points for festive rewards, making the holiday season even more exciting.

A Platform for Redemption

Of course, points should be redeemable for meaningful rewards. A dedicated redemption platform can give employees the freedom to choose their own rewards, increasing engagement and satisfaction with the program.

Idea: Utilize our Redemption Technology to provide a wide range of redemption options. From merchandise and gift cards to experiences and donations to charity, let your employees choose the rewards that are most meaningful to them.


Points-based recognition programs can be instrumental in creating a thriving, engaging, and positive corporate culture. They offer a flexible and scalable way to acknowledge efforts, promote growth, encourage teamwork, and increase overall employee satisfaction. Through the strategic use of points, you can transform your corporate culture, creating an environment where employees feel truly valued and appreciated.