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Corporate Gifting: Closing Gifts for Mortgage Brokers and Realtors

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In November 2021 alone, 4.5 million workers resigned from their jobs. With so many workers leaving their jobs, finding ways to boost employee retention are more important than ever. Did you know that corporate gifting is a great way to boost employee recognition and retention among realtors and mortgage brokers?

In this article, we offer our best ideas for corporate gifting for employees and client gifting. We also discuss how the right corporate gifts can positively affect your company. Continue reading to give your office a morale boost.

The Importance of Corporate Gifting

Before diving into the best corporate gifts, it’s important to understand the power of corporate gifting for Employees and Clients. While it’s great for your employees, it’s also an important part of your business’s success. 

The top benefits of providing corporate gifts for employees are building a community, improving employee performance, offering employee recognition, and improving employee retention. 

Corporate Gifting help Build a Community

Employee and #clientgifting help build a community around your company. The best corporate gifts incorporate your brand by incorporating the features listed below.

  • Company logo
  • Company colors
  • Company slogans
  • Company values

When you make these a part of employee onboarding and #corporategifting, your brand is everywhere. This promotes free advertising for your business. It also helps employees and clients feel like part of the corporate family.

Corporate Gifting Improves Employee Performance

When you choose the best corporate gifts, your employees are going to talk about them. When other employees see these high-quality corporate gifts, they’ll want them as well. This can boost performance.

Corporate Gifting Builds Motivation and Competition

Whether you want to create incentives or just build corporate holiday gifts, the right gifts are going to motivate your employees. They instill a healthy sense of competition, especially among mortgage brokers and realtors. 

Corporate Gifting Offers Employee Recognition

A major mistake employers make is not offering enough #employeerecognition. Showing employees that they’re appreciated and valued helps build loyalty to the company. It helps maintain high work standards.

Corporate Gifting is an Appreciation for High Performers

This is especially important for the highest-performing realtors and mortgage brokers. One of the reasons is because it validates their position as a top-performer.

It also incentivizes them to continue working at their current capacity. With this type of corporate gifting, you’re boosting morale while improving company revenue.

Corporate Gifting Improves Employee Retention

Some businesses worry about the cost of investing in corporate gifts for employees. However, consider the cost of not investing.

Without employee recognition, employees feel undervalued. They may also feel as though their efforts are unappreciated. These feelings often lead employees to look elsewhere for a job.

Corporate Gifting also Contributes to Company Finances

This combination of community, improved performance and employee recognition can promote better #employeeretention. This saves your company the cost of hiring, employee onboarding, and training.

Best Ideas for Corporate Gifts

Now that you understand the benefits of corporate gifting, you may be wondering what are the best corporate gift ideas? There are many different approaches you can take to choosing corporate gifts for employees.

The best decision depends on what you want your corporate gifts to say about your company as well as what you want them to say to the gift recipients. 

Something Useful

The best corporate gifts are things people want to use or can use regularly. When an employee wants to use their corporate gifts and can use them regularly, you’re getting your company’s name out there more often.

Some popular corporate gifts include those listed below.

  • Backpacks
  • Water bottles
  • Coffee mugs
  • Apparel
  • Mousepads

Be sure these gifts are made of high-quality materials to ensure they last through regular wear and tear. Low-quality gifts can seem like an afterthought or not be valued among staff.

Something Themed

If you’re looking for corporate gift ideas that help your company seem balanced between thoughtful and creative, choose themed gifts. The theme can be based on your company, the achievement, or the employee.

For example, if a realtor is always traveling between properties, a company airplane pillow and a travel eye mask are great choices. An expert in staging homes might enjoy a cozy throw blanket and a scented candle.

Something High-Tech

Quality technology is an essential part of personal and business routines. This makes tech-based gifts perfect for #employeeonboarding, client gifting, and employee recognition. 

Something for Every Budget

One of the benefits of tech-based gifts is that there are options for every budget. For smaller achievements, a pair of company-branded earbuds work well. For major milestones, a branded smart device will be appreciated.

Something Sweet

If you want your company to be known for corporate holiday gifts or achievement gifts that are more thoughtful, consider something edible. These gifts are also highly versatile and easy to personalize to the employee.

From dried fruit to candy to popcorn to cookies, the options are endless with edible #corporategifting. However, be sure to consider dietary restrictions and allergies for employee safety. 

Something Comfortable

Even in the highly-professional world of realtors and mortgage brokers, sometimes you want to promote relaxation and comfort. Choosing these types of #corporategifts can even further help promote employee retention.

Corporate gifts such as branded sweatshirts, soft throws, and padded sleep masks can show employees you care about their well-being as well as appreciate their hard work. 

Something Personal

If you truly want to make an impact with your corporate gifting, choose something personal. This involves designating an employee to get to know the personalities and hobbies of office staff.

More Than Just Their Job

Showing employees that you see them as more than realtors and mortgage brokers is appreciated and a great morale boost. Choose a planter for the person with the green thumb and a branded cookie jar for the baker.

Corporate Gift Baskets

If you can’t choose one item for corporate gifting, consider corporate gift baskets. These can either be a combination of the above suggestions or you can choose from pre-assembled options for easy shopping.

Corporate gift baskets are also ideal for employee onboarding. It gives a new employee a thoughtful, ‘welcome to the team,’ and allows them to start using the company brand right off the bat.

Corporate Gifts Make a Difference

Whether you want to boost employee retention, offer employee recognition, or make an employee onboarding worth remembering, corporate gifting is the way to do it. Choose corporate gift ideas that best represent your brand.

To start choosing among thousands of corporate gifts for employees, contact us today.