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Send the "Corporate Gift of Choice” today by using’s Redemption Portal Technology

Create Redemptions for your Team, as easy as 1, 2, 3!

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Easily spin up dozens of fully custom Redemption Pages and Invitation Emails, complete with images, animated GIFs, or even video greetings!


Create and attach curated catalogs to your Redemptions. Choose from thousands of amazing Corporate Gifts and Incentive Merchandise options!


Easily launch or automate Redemption sends. Monitor and track engagement. Sit back and watch the "thank you's" roll in.


Create custom Redemption Sites in a snap!

Learn how to launch personalized redemptions in seconds!

Send the Corporate Gift of Choice!

Surprise and delight your employees, prospects, and customers today by using’s Online Redemption Portal Technology combined with the premier industry Corporate Gift catalog! 

How does a Redemption System work?

  • Digitally send a selection of curated Corporate Gifts to your client, partner, or employee. Never struggle with “gifting paralysis”. Sending a gift has never been more streamlined and fun!
  • Deliver an exceptional “Redemption” experience with personalized invitations and custom themed landing pages
  • Track engagement and control Redemption access. Never worry about unauthorized Redemptions.  

Create custom Redemption Sites in a snap!

Spin up and launch dozens of Redemption Sites in minutes, all without any coding or specialized design ability.  The process to create and launch Redemption Sites is unbelievably simple. 

Build, launch, and even automate Redemption experiences for any occasion.  You are in full control. No third parties or designers are needed.

This is the very best Redemption tool on the market!

Personalized and Engaging

Don’t settle for anything short of a truly personalized and engaging Redemption experience.  Custom tailor everything for your recipients: from the look and feel of the email and landing page, to the selection of gifts, and even the messaging itself is personalized to the recipient’s name!

Access to thousands of Corporate Gifts

Easily assemble amazing Redemption catalogs, full of everyone’s favorite brands.  

Choose from 10,000+ gifts and effortlessly create dozens of  catalogs for any type of gifting or incentive occasion. 

Don’t settle for anything less.’s Redemption Portal Services puts you in the driver’s seat with a powerful Loyalty and Incentive tool at your fingertips.  

Trackable and Reportable

Track Redemption engagement and delight in all the “thank you” messages sent by your Redeemers, all within a single system.


What is a Redemption?

A Redemption is a digital gifting experience for a client, employee, or contact of your choice. It gives you the ability to send a selection of curated corporate gifts through a personalized email link that you can create in minutes. Redemptions can be scheduled in advance or sent right away.

Why should I send a Redemption?

A Redemption can be launched for a wide variety of occasions such as:

  • Birthday Programs
  • Employee Recognition
  • Virtual Conferences
  • House Closings
  • Holidays
  • and More!
Why should I send a Redemption link instead of a physical gift?

If you find yourself asking the following questions, then sending a Redemption is a great option!

  • What is the recipient's address?
  • What are their hobbies or do they have any dietary restrictions?
  • Their Birthday is tomorrow?!
  • What can I send that includes my personal touch?
How Do I send a redemption?

1. Upload a Contact List

2. Create an Email and Welcome Page Template

3. Create a curated Catalog

4. Launch, Monitor and Track the Redemptions

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