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Articles Corporate Gifting

Corporate Gifts: How It Helps With Relationship Marketing

Corporate gifting is a powerful tool businesses can use to strengthen their relationships with clients, customers, and employees. Relationship marketing is about building long-term relationships with customers and other stakeholders, and offering corporate gifts is one way to achieve this goal. Fortunately, this article will explore how corporate gifts help with relationship marketing and why […]

Articles Corporate Gifting
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Articles Corporate Gifting

How to Make Corporate Gifting Sustainable: A Guide

Corporate gifting has experienced tremendous and steady growth over recent years. In 2021, U.S. corporate gifting jumped to $242 billion from 2019’s $217 billion. It has become a popular trend in business as it helps strengthen relationships, express gratitude, drive sales, and incentivize performance while helping companies promote their brand and stay connected with their […]

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The Importance Of Recognizing Nurses With Gifting To Increase Retention and Loyalty

The Importance Of Recognizing Nurses and Improving Retention Through Gifting Recognizing nurses with gifts is an important way to improve retention and loyalty within the nursing profession. Here are a few reasons why: Gifts show appreciation and gratitude. Nurses often work long hours in challenging environments, and they frequently go above and beyond to provide […]

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