Spring Cleaning for Your Corporate Gifting & Incentive Program

For many companies, the majority of client gifting takes place during the holidays. Spring is a great time to evaluate what went wrong, what went right, and consider how to improve your processes going forward.
Is there a better way to organize your corporate gifting and incentive program? Can you streamline some of your processes? Can you improve tracking?  Would your employees like a larger selection of gifts to send to their clients? These are great questions and we can offer some solutions for you.
​7 Ways To Improve Gifting in 2018:
  1. Gifting software can help streamline your process
Givenly’s technology will help organize all your vendors, contacts, and employees in one platform, enable access to a curated online store for your organization, and automate some or all of your gifting and incentive programs.  You are also equipped with the tools to track your personal and enterprise gifting activity and expenditure, and easily export this consolidated information into a spreadsheet for auditing and accounting purposes.

In addition,  corporate gifting technology allows you to:
  • Easily send one quick gift or schedule multiple gifts to be sent in an automated fashion throughout the year.
  • Manage the gifting program on one centralized dashboard by importing all your client contacts via CSV onto the platform or via a direct CRM integration with your company’s systems.
  • Allows all your employees to access the same platform to take care of all their gifting.
  • Enables you to implement streamlined and automated gifting and incentive programs such as Referral Thank Yous, Customer Loyalty or Employee Reward Programs.