Benefits of Doing Employee Onboarding The Right Way

For most companies, employee onboarding involves nothing much more than running through the business processes and practices and completing the administrative paperwork for new hires. However, this is not the most effective way to use this important period. If onboarding is not done in the right way, your company can suffer from lower productivity, lower engagement, and higher staff turnover.

​Therefore, it is crucial you don’t just see onboarding as a formality you need to follow through on, but something you strategically plan out more. That is why at Givenly, we have introduced special onboarding welcome kits (branded corporate merchandise bundles) that can be utilized as part of your onboarding process.
Some of the benefits of this kind of onboarding include:

Improved Employee Experience
If you don’t want your employees to vote with their feet, you need to make sure you do the best to give them as strong and positive experience working for you. The onboarding process is their introduction to working for your company and can actually help to shape and set the tone for their time with you.
When you, straight off the bat, provide them with branded freebies, it makes them feel like they’ve joined the team. Which can help them to fight their nerves and make them feel valued from the moment they accept your job offer.

Greater Employee Retention
Something that will be at the forefront of your mind whenever you hire new starts, is employee retention, and so it should be. It can be incredibly expensive to constantly refill positions if your employee turnover is higher than normal. We say higher than normal because there will always be some turnover. However, you should be aiming to maximize the value of the time your employees staying working for you.
When you have to replace employees that have not worked much more than a month or so, it is more expensive and a waste of time and money than having to replace a member of the team that has been with you for many years or even decades and provided real value during their time with you.
Some statistics to bear in mind related to strong and effective onboarding and employee retention includes the fact that around 69% of team members are likely to stay with your company for at least 3 years if they had a strong onboarding experience.
This should start as soon as you issue their offer of employment letter because their studies have shown that around 11% of candidates usually change their mind about offers after they have signed. Give them a nice warm welcome and really build on the momentum and excitement generated during your recruitment process. The Givenly onboarding welcome kits can really help in this regard to and don’t worry about how you are going to implement this every time you have a new start. We will handle everything from the design, warehousing, and shipping of your unique and fully corporate branded welcome kit to your employees.

Greater Employee Engagement
When employees are fully engaged, they are more likely to do more than is required of them to achieve goals for the company. This offers your business greater productivity and profitability, and reduces employee turnover, and stops them from taking more sick days than necessary.
One issue is that it is thought that only about 33% of the average workforce is fully engaged. When you follow through on proper and effective onboarding, you can from the very beginning make them feel part of the team and involved in your goals, vision, values, and overarching mission. You should consider setting them up with a buddy they can shadow and learn about the company from. The Givenly welcome kit will ensure your new employees feel engaged with your company and its corporate brand. Even when they are not in the office.

Strong Company Culture
When it comes to attracting fresh and new talent to your company, it is not important enough to just attract any talent, you want the talent that is right for your business. When your company is built on a strong and intentional culture that is shared from the very start of the recruitment process through to onboarding and beyond, you will be able to attract the best people for your company.
What better way to improve your company culture and show that everyone is part of the team than offering new starts exclusive branded merchandise when they join up?