How to Reward Staff With Enough Employee Points

employee points

Are you looking for ways to build morale and goodwill amongst your employees? Why not offer rewards and incentives?

While gifting for your employees might be helpful when it comes to showing them how much you value them, have you considered something more systematic and interactive? 

There are so many great ways to reward your employees when they do something well. While it’s great to give immediate praise or rewards, it’s oftentimes mcuh more effective to use a points-based system so employees can “earn” better rewards with employee points later on.

But what kinds of things should earn an employee rewards and incentives? 

We’re here to give you some ideas. Keep reading to learn some of the best ways and reasons to offer points for general employee gifting and employee recognition and incentives.

Why Offer Employee Points? 

You might be wondering why you should worry about offering incentives in the first place. After all, you pay your employees to do their jobs, right? What else do they need? 

Well, if you want happy and motivated employees, employee rewards might be the answer. 

Positive reinforcement is always the best way to get results and make your employees happy. While punishment is tempting, you’ll always discover that your employees will be more productive and do better work when you offer rewards and praise.

When you punish or criticize employees for bad behavior, you’re showing them that they’re cogs in the machine of your business. This is negative reinforcement. If you value employees for their talent, you have to recognize them as capable individuals. 

Employees who realize that you’re offering them extra perks for doing good work are more likely to strive to reach those goals. This makes them more motivated, more willing to learn, and more intentional about their work. 

Did you know that employees who are happier are more productive at their jobs in general? If you value and prioritize the happiness of your employees, you’ll reap the benefits.

Employees who are happy are also less likely to seek employment elsewhere. This saves you money on hiring costs and saves you time that you’d otherwise spend hiring and training new talent. 

How Can You Set Up Employee Incentive Programs? 

So now that you know why you should bother with employee incentive programs, how are you supposed to set them up? 

First, make sure that your employees are aware of the points program offered by your company. Try to be consistent about what point values each rewarded task can get. It’s helpful to include this in an employee handbook and when you’re setting up new hire kitting. 

Sign up for an account with Givenly. Givenly creates a space for your employees to collect and manage their points with ease. It also allows employees to access a special catalog where they can choose what they’re going to spend their points on by themselves.

On Givenly, not only can you can award points, but there’s also a peer-to-peer points system that makes it simple for employees to recognize EACH OTHER for their good work.

Givenly makes it simple for employees to receive incentives that they’re actually interested in rather than ones that you choose for them. They have the option of accumulating points for high-value items or spending points on smaller incentives.

What Should You Reward Employees For? 

If you’ve never rewarded good employee behavior before, you might not be sure where to start. That’s okay! 

There are several things that you can reward employees for, and they’re not all giant tasks. Remember, rewarding employees for smaller tasks that you may consider trivial will still make them more motivated to perform. 

Here are a few common things that great employers reward employees for.

Good Team Behavior

Do your employees function as a team?

Teamwork is everything when it comes to having a well-functioning workplace. While employees may work independently on most of their tasks, it’s beneficial if they also help each other out when necessary. 

When you notice that your employees are working well together, let them know how much you appreciate them by offering employee points.

Going Above and Beyond

All of your employees have specific goals and intentions while they’re working, but what happens when they go beyond those goals?

You shouldn’t expect employees to try to reach greater heights with their jobs, after all, they do what you expect of them. That said, when they do something that benefits the company, it’s great to show them how much you care and value their hard work.

Whether it’s doing extra work, learning new skills to benefit the business, or improving the quality of work that they currently do, show your employees how much you appreciate that behavior. 

Achieving Sales Goals

This might seem small, but you may want to reward employees for achieving their goals, even if it’s part of their job. 

This doesn’t have to be a high-value offering, but showing employees that you recognize their efforts (no matter how small) will encourage them to continue working for you and doing their best. 

Innovation and New Ideas

Do you have employees who bring something new and exciting to the workplace?

As the employer, you’re in charge of improving and advancing your company. That said, if you have creative employees, you may find that they’re more innovative than you are.  

This is great for your business and its behavior that deserves a reward. 

Employee Gifting and Rewards: You’ll Notice the Difference

When you offer employee points as incentives for your employees, you’ll notice how much more motivated and productive they are to do great work. You’ve hired a talented team to help you out. Why not show them how much you value them? 

At Givenly, we want to help you reward your employees.

Whether you’re interested in employee incentive programs, new hire solutions, or even general gifting, we have what you need. Contact us for more information on how we can help you and set up an account today.