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How New Employee Onboarding Kits and Bundles Can Improve #Employeeretention


Employee onboarding is the process of giving employees the skills, tools, and resources they need to succeed in their new roles. According to a Glassdoor study, a proper onboarding program can increase #employeeretention by as much as 82%. This represents huge cost savings for companies.

Hiring new employees can cost as much as $40,000 for mid-level executives and $7,000 for hourly workers. So how can you create an effective onboarding program for your company? It’s important to have a checklist of all the onboarding activities and processes a new employee should follow.

Another crucial aspect of a successful onboarding program is to provide employee onboarding kits. You only get one chance to make a good first impression and a great welcome gift bundle is a good way to impress new employees. Keep reading for more information on how onboarding kits and bundles can improve your #employeeretention rates. 

1. Seal Their Acceptance of Your Offer Letter

Once a recruit signs an offer letter you should send them a welcome gift or care package. The name of this process is preboarding. It encompasses all the activities that happen once an employee signs an offer letter but before the actual start date.

Some employees may be nervous about leaving their current employer for your company. Sending them a preboarding kit or bundle can help convince them that they are making the right decision to join your company.

2. Set the Right Tone

Welcoming your new employee with an onboarding kit or bundle goes a long way in giving them a positive “day one” experience. When their family asks them how their first day was they can show them their bag full of company swag. Some items from their onboarding bundle will form a part of their company memorabilia that they will hold on to for a long time.

Many people keep water bottles, key holders, or other keepsakes from previous employers. Seeing these items often evokes fond memories of the companies that we have worked for. 

3. Introduce Employee to Company Products or Services

#Employeeonboarding kits and bundles should include your company’s products and services. For example, a manufacturing company could prepare a welcome gift basket with the company’s branded items. A hotel company could include one night stay for the employee and their spouse.

This allows the employee to try out the company’s products and services. They’ll be able to become familiar with what the company sells. This will increase their effectiveness at work and increase your #employeeretention. 

4. Improve Your Employer Brand

One important benefit of employee onboarding kits and bundles is that they can improve your employer brand. Employees will be proud to use their gifted items in front of friends and family. This will increase your brand recognition and help cement your reputation as a preferred employer.

Providing your employees with high-quality branded goods can also help your company appear prestigious. This is why it’s important to go for quality rather than cost when choosing branded corporate items. A cheap item with your brand or name on it will erode your image.

5. Inspire Employees and Reinforce Your Corporate Culture

Onboarding kits are a great way to introduce and reinforce your company’s culture. Branded items often have company taglines or vision statements printed on them.

As you give the bundle to the employee you can tell them the story behind your brand and why you chose each item that appears in the bundle. Whenever the employee sees or uses their gifted items they will remember your corporate vision. 

6. Happy Clients Equals Happy Employees

Onboarding kits and bundles also make great #corporategifts so it’s good to have them in stock. You never know when an employee may need to wow a client or prospect. Perhaps they need to apologize for bad service or they need to sweeten up a sales deal.

Give supervisors access to a cache of onboarding kits that double up as #clientgifting. This will make it easier for them to please clients. Happy clients will bolster an employee’s confidence hence improving #employeeretention. 

7. Use Your Onboarding Kits for #Employeerecognition

You can also give onboarding kits and bundles can also to employees that have done something commendable. Rather than telling them a plain thank you, give them some coveted corporate swag to express your appreciation.

Employee recognition is an important strategy if you want to increase your employee retention. 63% of employees that are regularly recognized say that they are unlikely to look for another job in the next 1-3 months. 

8. Useful for Reboarding

Employee onboarding kits and bundles can also be handy when reboarding employees. Reboarding occurs when an employee comes back from a long leave such as maternity, study, or sick leave. It’s not a good idea to welcome employees back empty-handed.

A welcome-back gathering for the employee would be a great way to introduce them to any new team members. The employee would also appreciate a welcome kit of branded company goodies.

You can give reboarding kits as congratulatory gifts to employees that get promoted or transferred to new roles. The kit acts as recognition of the change in the employees’ position and the new responsibilities they will be taking on. 

9. Tailored Onboarding

If you want your onboarding kits and bundles to improve employee retention you should tailor them for each employee. For instance, the onboarding kit for your new executive should be different from a manager’s package. Create different packages to suit the different levels in your organization and the different jobs they will be doing.

An employee that will spend a lot of time outdoors would appreciate a hat or branded coat. Meanwhile, someone that will spend most of their time at a computer may appreciate earphones or a mousepad. 

Leverage Onboarding Kits to Improve #Employeeretention

Companies that have an effective onboarding program greatly reduce their employee turnover rates. Onboarding kits and bundles are an important aspect of a successful onboarding program.

They are not only useful for #employeeretention but can also form part of your #corporategifting packs. Are you looking for the perfect custom kits for your company? Check out our kits and bundles in the shop today.