Corporate Holiday Gifting for Employees :

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Corporate Holiday gifting is a great way to remind your employees and staff members about how much the company appreciates their hard work. When employees feel appreciated they are incentivized to take pride in their work and have a reason to stay with your company. Whether it’s a reward for record sales or a holiday gift, everyone loves to receive something as a reminder that they are an essential and treasured part of the team. 

Client gifting is also a great practice! Showing your clients how much you appreciate their business with gift reminders will make you stand out above the competition. 

At Givenly, we know the impact that corporate Holiday gifting have on employees and companies as a whole. We’re passionate about helping your company incentivize and reward employees, which is why we make it so easy. 

With Givenly, you can choose and organize all your corporate gifts with one system, which makes the whole experience feel simple and streamlined. 

Read on to learn about what we think are some of the best holiday gift ideas for #employeerecognition and client appreciation. 

Company Swag Gifts

One great way to make your employees feel appreciated is to gift them with company swag packs. This way you’re giving gifts everyone can enjoy and your company will also be represented on them. 

Swag packs can include items like backpacks, fanny packs, tote bags, mugs, reusable water bottles, neck pillows, sunglasses, candles, speakers, umbrellas, and much more.

All these fun items will come with your company’s name clearly printed on them for everyone to see!  

This way your employees will always have a reminder of the company that they love working for. Clients will have a reminder of your company name and remember why they like doing business with you. 

The best part is that these Employee Holiday Gifts are great for any occasion and any time of year. They work for major holidays and notable company days, like company picnics or parties. 

They also make a thoughtful gesture during #employeeonboarding to help make a new employee start their career with your company on the right foot. 

At Givenly, we’re experts at creating, building, and sending custom swag packs at scale for your whole company. 

The Gift of Choice

While some say it’s better to hand-pick a gift, we say that giving people options and letting them choose their gift is just as great. Some people even like this option better! 

It’s one thing to choose a gift for your employees. When you let them pick what they want for themselves, it says a lot about how much you care about their tastes and desires.

This will make them feel even more valued and may have a positive impact on #employeeretention. 

With Givenly’s redemption system, your employees can pick their own corporate gifts. So, what’s a redemption reward system?

Our redemption system allows employees to choose exactly what they want without you having to worry about customizing or handling it at all. This way, everyone gets what they want and it’s hassle-free!

These corporate Holiday gifting options can include things like snacks, subscription boxes, branded office supplies and merchandise, gift cards, sports game tickets, sports memorabilia, golf days, laptops, phones, gaming systems, and much more. 

There are many other kinds of Holiday gifts you can include beyond these options also. 

When your employees reach a career milestone, celebrate a birthday, or accomplish a work goal, they can reap their rewards by picking from the options of gifts. 

All you have to do on your end is create a redemption page and pick the variety of gifts you want to offer on it. This will allow you to pick all the items that you think your employees or clients might enjoy.

Then, when the time comes for them to redeem their reward, simply send the recipient a link to the page and Givenly takes care of the rest. It’s that easy!  

A Little Bit of Everything

If you’re looking to give all your employees and clients the same holiday gift, a variety of smaller gifts will ensure everyone can enjoy it. 

A gift basket makes a great holiday gift for everyone because it gives you room to choose many different things. Plus, everyone loves going through their gift basket and seeing what they find inside. 

Keep in mind that the items you choose should reflect an appreciation for employees and remind clients of where the gift came from. 

For employee gift baskets, think of items everyone can enjoy. Mugs and cups make great gifts because they’re universally used and easy to order with your company’s name on them. 

Food is another thing that everyone loves. Think of unique things, like gourmet chocolates, artisanal nuts, flavored popcorn, and small bags of specialty coffees. 

Other items to consider that everyone can use are special pens, sunglasses, candles, lotions, wine, movie tickets, restaurant gift cards or coupons, and keychains. 

You can also choose items that reflect a specific holiday or event to make choosing the items easier. 

If you’re unsure of what kind of items to include, it doesn’t hurt to ask your employees! You can send out a company survey through email or put out a suggestion box for employees to put their ideas in. 

Make Corporate Holiday Gifting Easier Than Ever  

Gifting your employees and clients is a fantastic way of reminding them why they work for or with you. A Corporate holiday gift of appreciation or gifts to celebrate milestones and birthdays are always going to leave a good impression!

When you sign up with Givenly, you make gift-giving as easy as possible for you and the recipients. 

Find out more about the services we offer by visiting our services page where you can read about what we do and you can also choose to contact us if you’d like.