Six Unique Employee Recognition Ideas

employee recognition ideas

Do you want to make sure your employees feel the gratitude they deserve to feel? After all, you know how much it can mean when you receive acknowledgment for your hard work above and beyond a paycheck and benefits. You need some employee recognition ideas, or they’ll be stuck feeling like just a number.

Sometimes, the people who make your business run deserve more than just a high-five. These employee recognition ideas are sure to strike a chord with them.

Employee Recognition Ideas

Show them how well they’ve done by sending them a special gift, email, and more using our Redemption Portal Technology. Employees need to feel uniquely wanted and needed by the company they work for in order to add meaning to their actions. Reaching their hearts through employee appreciation will be an extra incentive to stay with you, and excel.

1. Reward & Commemorate with Corporate Gifting!

Sometimes a one-off reward just won’t cut it. There’s a reason why we have anniversaries, and the workplace is no different. Commemorate a great accomplishment, their employment date, or completion of a large assignment or project. Throw a party, give gifts, make announcements, or pull an innocent prank, if that’s the culture.

Consider letting them choose what they want to receive because it’s usually not a one-size-fits-all scenario. One person might hate public recognition, and prefer a small gift sent to their home. Another might want a huge party where swag is given to all team members involved.

2. New Employee Welcome Kits

Do you remember what it was like on the first day of any new job? It can be a little scary when you don’t know anyone quite yet. Help your fresh new employees ease into their job, and tell them they already belong by providing the generous on-boarding kits and swag packs that only Givenly can provide!

3. Incentives Work!

One of the best management principles is the idea of employee recognition to spur the desired behavior in employees (and to improve employee retention). A reward system beyond their paycheck is simple and effective, so why not give it a chance? Keep things fun for everyone at work by giving out products as incentives!

4. Personal Thanks

A moment of sincere gratitude can go a long way for your work relationship with anyone. Meet face to face and speak from the heart on specific actions and accomplishments. If in-person meetings aren’t possible, you can do this by phone or in a zoom meeting. How did they contribute to the big picture?

5. Public Thanks

Benefits of employee recognition include the psychological well being of your employees, the respect of their colleagues, and a quiet conscience for yourself. To be an effective part of a team is what we’re wired to achieve as human beings. So thank them for sharing their time and skills with you.

Recognize their efforts and skills in front of their peers using the fun merchandise and more employee recognition ideas from our website!

6. Promotional Merchandise

Show appreciation while promoting your brand. The Givenly portal let’s you be in control of your inventory, access levels, and automated replenishment if you wish. You can always keep more than enough in stock for when you catch someone doing something great. Showing your spontaneity will raise your stock as a leader and comrade.

Incentive Types to Consider

We must be careful with how we give incentives. Make sure you and your employees/teammates are clear about how they’ve earned or the program could lead to unnecessary drama. Keep things fair across the board by rewarding equally for the same work, because disputes, however petty, can take valuable time and energy away from success. 


Once a year may sound sufficient, and sometimes it is, but more recognition is always better when trying to raise and maintain morale. Give it consistently and often. You don’t have to give positive incentives or gestures daily, but at least every quarter is ideal for an optimum level of engagement and effort in the workplace.


Timing is everything here. Give immediate rewards and words of approval upon completion of a goal. It can seem like a full-time job to keep track of several people in this regard, but we’re here to help you get it down to a science. Forgetting to say more than a thank you could be detrimental to morale.


Remember to vary the reward to fit the individual. Once employees find out you’re giving everyone the same rewards/words/etc., they’ll feel like a number once again. People need to hold onto the fact that they contribute their own unique abilities and qualities. Show them that they’re one in a million using Givenly.

We all value being appreciated, but you need to keep customizing the forms they take according to each individual. We can give advice and help optimize this aspect of your corporation by being conscious of these needs. You shouldn’t stress about this aspect of your position, so let us take it on and make it fun!

Logistics Made Simple

You can set up dates and times for delivery, so you never miss an important individual’s birthday, or employment anniversary again. Give us as much or as little control as you’re comfortable with. Let us help you give your corporation or team a warmer feel as if they’re part of a family that likes and needs to have them around.

Employee Rewards are Vital!

With our on-demand sourcing and a huge network of vendors, we always have what you need, in stock and ready to ship out on time. Our corporate gifting program will make it easy for you to control, streamline, and centralize these employee recognition ideas with a single system. Rest assured, all logistics will be taken care of properly. 

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