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The Positive Impact of Corporate Holiday Gifts

corporate holiday gifts

Your employees work hard and love to feel valued. Corporate holiday gifts are a great way to celebrate their dedication to your company’s mission. A perfect time of year to demonstrate your appreciation toward your staff is the holidays.

Swarovski reports that 80% of employees believe corporate holiday gifting strengthens loyalty. Also, in the United States, gifts up to $25 per person each tax year can be deducted.

Gifts for Corporate holidays has a positive impact on your employees, which will have a positive impact on your bottom line. Want to know why? We will tell you right now.

Positive Impact of Corporate Holiday Gifts :

Improves Morale

A critical piece of employee holiday gifting is to time it well. When you time it well, you can make a dramatic improvement on a worker’s day. If you have employees that seem to be disconnected from colleagues, a gift can boost their morale.

Positive energy from one person has a ripple effect. It expands and affects others positively. Good positive energy grows and makes the work enjoyable for everyone.

Affects Loyalty

A recent survey cited by Soocial says that 43% of U.S. respondents believe that the primary advantage of employee gifting or Corporate Holiday Gifting is an improved relationship with the employer. This means that by celebrating your employees, you are gaining their loyalty in return. More than feeling valued, it increases the chances that they will stay on as a worker for your organization.

Have you heard of “The Great Resignation” currently? It is causing many headaches for employers with employee turnover. 

It is easier and less expensive to keep an employee than to recruit a new one. If you want to retain valuable workers, they need to feel that you “see” them and appreciate them.

Higher Motivation

If your employees seem to need a boost in motivation, corporate gifts are perfect. It will give them an extra nudge, something to help them surpass expectations and go over performance targets. Improving productivity and motivating workers to do more is as simple as gifting; it’s true!

Better Relationships Amongst Coworkers

Team-building exercises are great for attempting to build comradery. It’s difficult to bring people together and get along unless they are willing to get along. One disgruntled worker can cause a lot of harm to the surrounding people.

Employees may leave you as an employer, even if they like the job, to get away from a coworker that they do not enjoy working with. That is another reason that corporate holiday gifts are important for employee satisfaction.

A well-planned, thoughtful gift can warm anyone’s heart. It can offer the cultural change you need if you find some toxicity among your staff. 

Instead of having meetings and reprimanding negative behavior, employee gifting has the power to change all that. It can prevent it from happening in the first place, creating a positive company culture.

They Make People Happy

Elon University in North Carolina conducted research that shows happiness levels improve when doing things for others. This means that since your employees will feel happy, so will you for extending your own generosity.

The best thing about corporate gifting is that it doesn’t need to be perfect or even big to make people happy. The old saying “it’s the thought that counts” takes on a new meeting when you see the smiles on your employee’s faces.

Improved Productivity

We’ve touched on this, but let’s go into more detail about why corporate holiday gifts will raise productivity. Holiday corporate gifts create strong interpersonal relationships, which then create a network of support. With a strong network, you and your employees have a foundation for success.

To truly be efficient means that your employees need to work well as a team. Corporate holiday gifts will improve group collaboration. That is because the individual feels appreciated and motivated, so they can perform better when a part of a group.

Determination of the Job

When you let your employees know how valued they are and that you appreciate them with a gift, you show them how much you care too about the work you are doing yourself. You are sending a subtle message that work is a priority and your relationship with your employees is a part of that.

The “Wow” Factor

If you want to separate yourself from the pack, meaning from your competitors that might look to sway your workers toward them instead, employee gifting is key. It is a way to show that you differ from other companies. When you choose a unique and thoughtful gift, you are a one-of-a-kind employer who cares about your people.

People Love the Holidays, So Celebrate with Them!

Your employees likely spend a lot of time at work and possibly spend more time with their employer than their own family. Therefore, it is easy for coworkers to become close friends.

Holidays are a time of celebration! Your staff spends so much time together, so it makes sense that they want to celebrate the holidays too together. Even take a breather and step back from work for a moment to remind us of the human piece of our life.

The human part of us needs to enjoy the holidays, be happy, and have fun.

Corporate Holiday Gifts for Employees

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We commit to giving back, too, which is why we donate a portion of our proceeds to multiple charities. Corporate holiday gifts are the type of gifts that keep on giving.

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