8 Tips for How To Use a Corporate Gifting Platform

Corporate Gifting Platform

Corporate gifting and client gifting are effective ways of boosting employee retention. It’s also a smart way to improve your marketing strategy with current and potential clients.

But now that you’ve decided that you want to give corporate gifts what now? How do you go about giving the right gifts in a streamlined manner?

This is where working with a corporate gifting platform comes in handy. To learn more about using a corporate gifting platform, just keep on reading this article!

Why Participate In Corporate Gifting?

Teams made up of self-motivated employees typically make up businesses that operate efficiently. However, self-motivated people may be more likely to experience stress because they put more effort into exceeding expectations rather than because the company is necessarily pressuring them to perform.

Corporate gifts encourage employees to keep up their excellent work by letting them know that their superiors are aware of and appreciate it. This boosts morale across the board with employee retention and employee recognition. Employee onboarding is even made a more pleasant process!

1. Consider the Industry

Would you send chocolate corporate gifts to a company that makes and sells chocolate? The answer is yes! When choosing corporate gifts, senders should take this small consideration into account.

Thorough research and understanding of clients and prospects will not only help prevent such errors from happening but also help build new relationships or strengthen existing ones. Ultimately, if you choose your gift carefully, it will be the thought that matters more than the actual present.

2. Consider the Context

It’s always important to consider the context when giving corporate gifts. All business gifts should be appropriate!

Even within businesses, certain characteristics set one thing apart from another. For instance, a manager in the general entertainment industry would value a witty and humorous gift, but given the need for formality, we can’t say the same about an employee in the banking sector.

Yes, we briefly discussed the topic of the industry above, but even with gifts related to a specific industry, there is a fine line between acceptable and completely unacceptable behavior.

Our corporate gifting platform offers the option to let recipients select a gift because we are aware that it can be challenging to respond to these questions at times. This will increase the likelihood that your gift will be perceived favorably.

3. Know About International Corporate Gifting Laws

As surprising as it may seem, some regions have laws that regulate the giving and receiving of gifts, and breaking them could have a negative impact on business relationships.

As a result, the SEC has established rules that govern gifting; familiarizing your teams with these rules will help your gifting campaigns be even more successful.

4. Create a Corporate Gift Budget

Planning and launching your corporate gifting campaigns will be less stressful if you have your financial affairs in order.

You can choose how much of your marketing budget will be used to prune your existing business relationships while cultivating new ones now that you are familiar with your recipients and the regulations governing corporate gifting in their regions.

5. Consider Your Company’s Identity

Simply put, sending gifts to your recipients is meant to pique their interest and establish a new working relationship. Before sending, you must, however, take the identity component into account.

You are familiar with them and have done sufficient research to comprehend how their businesses can profit from your service offerings but are they also familiar with you? For your gifts to be received with gratitude, make sure they highlight your company’s mission and core values.

You want your recipients to get a glimpse of your company, and that will happen.

6. Add a Call to Action

You have now completed the majority of the necessary steps for a successful gifting campaign and are prepared to move forward. Make sure your gifts include messages that are calls to action as the last finishing touch.

That is, if you are clear with your recipients about your preference for a more formal meeting or an introductory session, they will respond accordingly.

7. Avoid Certain Gifts

There are indeed bad gifts. There are some items that should never be included in gifting lists, even though factors like budget, time constraints, and intention must be taken into account when curating gifting campaigns.

Once more, the thin line theory must be used. Even though discretion should be at the heart of all moral decisions, it falls short when it comes to the delicate act of giving. This is why we’ve put together the list below to guide you away from presents that might jeopardize the reputation of your company.

  • cheap-looking gifts
  • gifts that are too expensive
  • suggestive or inappropriate gifts
  • gifts that are too personal to the client
  • live animal or pet gifts
  • alcohol (depends on work culture)

Setting up your corporate gift campaigns should be much simpler now that we’ve emphasized what items to avoid. After all, you want your gift to be perceived as a thoughtful gesture!

8. Choose the Right Corporate Gifting Platform

We all agree that this is the most significant piece of advice on the list. Many corporate gifting platforms are available, but there is never enough time to evaluate them all. Right?

So whether you run a small business or a large corporation, we offer you and your team automated corporate gifting at any scale you would need. We eliminate the manual component of gifting, streamline the address data collection process, and provide superior reporting capabilities.

By doing so, you can concentrate on accurately calculating your ROI and improving the optimization of your campaigns.

Now Use a Corporate Gifting Platform to Send Your Gifts

After reading this article, you’re now more aware of how to use a corporate gifting platform. With these tips in mind, you’ll be sure to delight any client you send a package to!

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