The Importance of Corporate Holiday Gifting

Corporate gifting Ideas

Each year the holidays roll around, and you want to make your employees and clients feel special! Whether it’s for an employee or a client, corporate gifting shows that you care. 

But what are the benefits for you as a business owner? From high ROI to improved corporate culture, the pros are endless. Read this guide to find out more about the importance of corporate gifting today!

Healthy Corporate Culture

Business gifting is an excellent way to improve company culture. Gifts show what’s important to your business. It works for those who do business with you, your employees, and business referrals. 

Holiday gifting is perfect for raising morale. Show appreciation for your employee’s hard work, even if it’s something like a batch of cookies. 

Make Great Impressions

Holiday gifting ideas are great for first impressions, whether a new employee or client. Choose a gift that aligns with the culture of your company. Gifts will leave a lasting impression and encourage clients to continue business.

Corporate holiday gifting also improves trust. Clients are more likely to believe your company has its best interests at heart. Gifts show that you care and help strengthen relationships. 

Increase ROI 

Client gifting is common practice during the holiday season. It can increase business value and ROI. When someone receives a promotion in your company, it helps show appreciation for them. 

Holiday gifts are more likely to increase the continuity of partnerships. You’re letting clients know they matter and you value them. If you send it to repeat clients, you could restart interactions and have them remember your company.

Boost Morale

Boost morale with your employees this holiday season. Clients and employees might be more positive overall. 

If employees are working from home, they might feel isolated. Holiday gifting will brighten their day and make them feel special. 

When employees are stressed, their productivity goes down. Gift-giving could help increase productivity. This could include improved relationships, sales, and a positive brand image. 

Thank Clients and Employees

If a client receives a promotion, comes in for last-minute work, or stays over time, you can thank them through holiday gifting. Employee retention is more likely when you recognize their efforts. 

You could send a personalized gift to increase employee recognition. It shows that you respect and appreciate their efforts. Gifting during the employee onboarding process will make them feel welcomed to the team. 

Employees will feel valued as a member of the team. Include personalization whenever possible to increase this feeling. It’ll make your employees feel more connected as well. 

Build Brand Awareness

Clients will have a more positive view of your company and remember your brand through gifts. You could include contact information, your logo, and your business name. 

It’s a cost-effective approach to advertising. If you consider gifts they could use for the long term, they’ll think of you each time they use it. 

It also improves the perception of your brand. Gifts increase brand awareness and could attract prospective clients. Your client might tell another company about your great gifts!

Prove You’re a Positive Business

Corporate gifts show that you’re a positive business that cares. They respect the community, environment, and are creative.

They can be affordable and don’t take much time to create. HR could order gifts for employees or clients if you’re short on time. 

Promote New Products

You could include information about new products or services if gifts are going to clients. Include labels or images about upcoming products. 

Engraved gifts are another option. Draw interest in your organization, and customers will be more likely to buy from you. 

Increase Sales

Corporate gifts could mean an increase in email addresses, sales, or reviews. Reviews are vital to improve sales for your business.

Clients or employees might upload their gifts to social media. Then your company’s name will be seen by potential customers. Consider branded content to ensure your business name will be in front of others. 

Corporate gifts are also a great way to save money on advertising. Word of mouth is a free form of advertising. 

Holiday Gifting Ideas

Create a holiday gift basket filled with treats. Some options might include popcorn, pretzels, chocolate, and more. Consider adding a personal message for clients and employees. 

Consider a ceramic mug this holiday season. It’ll keep their beverages warm and will last for the long term. This is a great way to have them remember your company. Some mugs come with smart features such as your preferred temperature, receiving notifications, and more. 

Consider their hobbies, such as golf, hiking, or volunteering to make it more personalized. If they love the holidays, you could include snow globes to be festive. 

Some personalized options might include logos, drink coasters, card holders, photo frames, and more. Save money on expensive packages such as TV and radio ads. 

The Effectiveness of Corporate Gifting

After exploring this guide, it should be clear why corporate gifting is so beneficial. From employee retention to long-term client relationships, there are numerous benefits. Take your time developing gift ideas for your company and what will match your company’s culture.

Are you ready to get started? Schedule, send, and track hundreds of gifts from a network of curated vendors in minutes! Contact us today to get started! 

You’ll be able to showcase how amazing your company culture is and make long-lasting impressions! If you have any questions along the way, we’re happy to help.