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Ideas for Your Corporate Holiday Program

Holiday season – a magical time filled with joy, gratitude, and the anticipation of well-deserved rest. It’s also a crucial time for companies to establish a lasting bond with their employees through a well-curated Corporate Holiday Program. Here, at Givenly, we understand the subtle art of designing an unforgettable holiday experience.

1. Kick-off with a Heartwarming Message

Use the holiday season as an opportunity to express your appreciation for your employees. Share a heartwarming message from the leadership team. Don’t be afraid to get personal, and highlight some of the year’s significant achievements.

Idea: Leverage our Brand-On-Demand platform to create custom branded holiday cards, a small yet powerful gesture that can go a long way in making employees feel valued.

2. Show Appreciation with Tailored Corporate Gifts

Nothing says ‘We appreciate you’ quite like a well-thought-out gift. When chosen with care, a gift can express recognition and gratitude in a tangible way.

Idea: Make the most of our Corporate Gifting services. Personalize each gift based on the recipient’s preference. From gourmet hampers to tech gadgets, the options are endless.

3. Leverage Holiday-specific Redemption

Offer your employees holiday-specific redemption options. This can add a fun and festive twist to their rewards.

Idea: Integrate our Redemption Technology into your holiday program. Employees can choose their preferred holiday gifts, enhancing their overall holiday experience.

4. Celebrate Achievements with an Awards Ceremony

The holiday season is a great time to acknowledge your employees’ hard work throughout the year. An awards ceremony can celebrate top performers and inspire others.

Idea: Create an ‘Employee of the Year’ award and announce it during your holiday program. Our Employee Points system ensures a fair and transparent process.

5. New Year, New Beginnings – Welcome Kits for New Hires

If your company welcomes new hires around the holiday season, introducing them with an onboarding kit makes for a warm welcome and an unforgettable first impression.

Idea: Use our Employee Onboarding Kits for personalized, brand-centric welcome packages. These can include holiday-themed items, allowing new hires to partake in the festive spirit.

6. Host a Themed Holiday Party

Themed parties can be fun and engaging. Choose a holiday-related theme and encourage employees to dress up or bring themed items.

Idea: Host a ‘Winter Wonderland’ party. Use our Holiday Gifting program to provide themed party favors or gifts, adding an extra layer of holiday magic.

7. Knowledge Sharing – Gift a Book

Inspire your employees for the coming year. A carefully selected book can be both an enjoyable holiday pastime and a source of inspiration.

Idea: Visit our Articles and Advice page for book recommendations. Choose a book that aligns with your company values and the upcoming goals for the new year.


The holiday season is a wonderful opportunity to show your employees that you value their contribution. By using Givenly’s extensive services, you can design a corporate holiday program that not only celebrates the festive season but also fosters a sense of appreciation, camaraderie, and motivation for the year to come. After all, a company that celebrates together, thrives together.