How Employee Recognition Gifts and Employee Recognition Programs can Help Employees and Clients

gifts and recognizing occasions

Recent research shows that 77% of clients and employees who receive a corporate gift, Employee Recognition Gifts make them feel appreciated. Company satisfaction is a primary motivating factor in retaining hardworking employees and bringing clients back. A successful business is the strongest when they have happy employees and happy customers!

One way to motivate your staff and clients throughout the year is to send gifts and recognize special occasions. Read on to learn more about #Employee Recognition Programs and #Employee Recognition Awards. 

Making Employees and New Clientele Feel Welcomed

A great way to kick off a new professional relationship is to send out an onboarding kit.

For new team members, these #employeeonboarding kits send the message that the new employee is appreciated and welcome. A good onboarding kit can contain:

  • Essential information, office keys, checklists for the first few days, and other informative materials 
  • Equipment needed for the job, such as their laptop, pens, notepads, or other technology or practical materials 
  • Company merchandise- gear, water bottles, mugs, stickers, and other fun items that promote the company image that your employees will enjoy using

For new clients, a similar type of onboarding kit can make your new clients repeat customers. Consider sending out information about your company and the products and services you offer, pens and notepads, and some of your most popular company merchandise. 

An awesome welcome kit will give the right impression right off the bat of a professional relationship; you are appreciated here, and we look forward to working with you! 

Celebrating Milestones

Every company under the sun is sending gifts at the major holidays, but your company will have the opportunity to stand out by continuing to send gifts throughout the year. Employee Recognition Gifts or Intermittent gifting is a great way to boost employee retention and client satisfaction. 

Keep your employees and clients feeling appreciated year round with milestone celebrations, such as the anniversary of the hire/contracting date or birthdays. Even a simple gift card and a personalized note can go a long way in boosting happiness. 

Here are a few ideas for sending gifts year round:


Consider keeping a calendar with birthdays of your staff and clients. Everyone wants to be remembered on their birthday! Even something as small as a coupon or small freebie and a message will make the recipient feel appreciated. 


You can include these on the same calendar as birthdays, so you never miss one. Sending a thank you message and a token of appreciation will help motivate the recipient to stay with your company another year. 

Life Events

If you know your team member or client is getting married, expecting a child, or earning a degree, it will mean a lot to the recipient to be sent a personalized note and gift to celebrate. This shows that you are genuinely listening and paying attention to your client’s and team’s personal lives, and remember big moments. 

Industry-Specific Holidays

If your company is in a niche field, there is a good chance there is a specific holiday celebrating it. There are holidays celebrating clinical trials, coffee, accounting, blogging, and more! If your field does not have an applicable holiday, try celebrating Small Business Saturday or Employee Appreciation Day. 

Even if the niche holiday is off the recipient’s radar, getting a gift and note of appreciation will go a long way to prove your company’s positive outlook. 

Celebrating Major Holidays

Even though it may seem cliche, it is important to make your employees and clients feel thought of on major holidays. Below are some good ways to send #corporategifts for the holidays:

Edible Gifts

It is a universal fact that everyone loves snacks and sweets as a gift. To stand out, consider shopping locally for chocolates or wine to send to your team or clients. Keeping the recipient in mind, you can even assemble personalized food baskets. 

Office Supplies 

Try sending gifts your recipients will use. Pens, notepads, planners and calendars for the New Year are practical and much appreciated gifts. 

Company Merchandise 

Not only are branded items great gifts, they help promote your company year round! Branded office supplies, clothing, and coffee tumblers are very popular gift ideas. Think about what items you would want to use every day, and then create versions with your company logo. 

Subscription Boxes 

One of the hottest corporate gifts this year is subscription boxes. Coffee, snacks, books, office supplies, and any number of fun items can be sent through a subscription service. 

The best part of a subscription service is that it is a gift that keeps on giving! Your recipient will continue to receive their subscription for the allotted amount of time, and will be continually reminded of your company’s kind gesture. 

Gifts That Stand Out

Since every company will be sending gifts for the major holidays, you may want to take the opportunity to stand out.

Consider sending handwritten messages with your gifts to really go the extra mile. Try sending gifts that are purchased locally from small businesses. You may also want to personalize your gifts for each recipient to ensure they get something they love. 

Motivating Your Staff

Another great way to keep your team happy and motivated is implementing an employee points program

Rather than punishing employees who do not meet expectations, consider switching to a positive reinforcement method by using points. Employees can earn points for all sorts of milestones:

  • Teamwork 
  • Exceeding goals 
  • Achieving a sales or productivity goal 
  • Implementing a new idea

The points system encourages employees to work together and work towards their shared goal. Employee recognition Programs encourages your team to meet expectations without competing directly against one another. Allowing employees to build up their points at their own pace also allows you to distribute gifts throughout the year. 

Sending Employee Recognition Gifts and Employee Recognition Awards

Now that you know the importance of recognizing holidays and special occasions for your clients and staff, start mapping out when and how your company will implement a gifting structure. Consider having multiple gifting opportunities throughout the year to help keep everyone happy and motivated year round. 

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