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Holiday Gifting Guide: How to Wow Your Employees This Year

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Don’t stress yourself out thinking about this upcoming holiday season–giving your employees gifts doesn’t have to be nightmarish. If you’re looking to get ahead on the holiday gifting for this year, wow your employees with thoughtful and personalized gifts for them.

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Continue reading to learn more about giving your employees the best Corporate Holiday Gifts possible.

Beginning the Holiday Gifting Process

As the holidays come up, it can be stressful trying to figure out what to gift your employees.

Showing your appreciation with a gift for any holiday is beneficial in growing and maintaining your relationships with those who work with you.

There are some things you’ll need to consider ahead of time while planning your holiday gifts. You’ll need to think about your budget, remember office etiquette, and what gifts your employees might appreciate.

You might consider keeping a list of important factors while planning your employee holiday gifting.

Consider Your Budget

One crucial thing you’ll need to consider is your budget for each employee.

You won’t want to give gifts that are in different price ranges to different employees. This can be messy and insulting for the gift recipients. Rather, you’ll need to come up with a price range to stick to when buying gifts.

A general rule of thumb for sticking to a price range is to aim to buy gifts that range from $25 to $75 for each employee.

You might have an assistant–perhaps they deserve a gift that has a higher budget. This could range from $50 to $100.  

Remember Office Etiquette

Although the holidays are full of joy and cheer and everyone loves gifts, office etiquette tells us what to expect during holidays at the workplace. 

Employees may give Corporate gifts among coworkers, depending on their relationships with each other. This could be more popular in close-knit companies that operate in smaller staffs than highly developed companies.

However, managers shouldn’t expect gifts from their fellow employees, as this is typical office etiquette. There are exceptions, such as Secret Santa or present exchange games, in which managers might expect to receive a gift.

Workplace etiquette is in place so that bosses and employees don’t feel pressure or hurt feelings during the holiday season.

Corporate Holiday Gifts That Your Employees Like

If you’re uncertain about what kind of company social life you want to promote, talk to your employees about what they’d feel comfortable with during the holiday season. Making sure that your staff feels understood and cared for will also help your success as their manager.

After you and your employees have set your holiday gifting boundaries, you’ll need to think about what your employees would like to get as gifts from you.

There are countless ideas for general office gifting, ranging from branded office merchandise to food baskets to coffee mugs. Depending on your office mentality and comfort, you may choose to get general gifts or specific gifts for each person.

Specific gifts can be exciting and thoughtful for your employees. Even though it sounds great, you’ll need to be very careful about the gifts and budgets that you plan out for your employees.

If you’re not wary of what you’re buying for each person, you may end up with hurt feelings and thoughts of favoritism. Whether you’re concerned about the social life of your company or not, favoritism is not welcome or professional in most environments.

Ideas to Pursue for Holiday Gifts

Whether you’re thinking of getting the same gifts for everyone or specific gifts for each employee, there are many great options for what gifts to buy.

There are some general rules you need to remember before buying gifts for your employees. The first to these is keeping your gifts professional. Getting too personal with presents for your coworkers can get uncomfortable and unwanted.

You’ll need to make sure you’re keeping it simply professional and thoughtful when it comes to the holidays and your employees.

Another thing to consider when coming up with gift ideas is to ensure that you know about your employees’ possible food allergies or other issues with edible items. Keeping your employees’ preferences in mind will help you find the best holiday presents.

Are you having trouble thinking about what to get for your employees? We have some ideas for you to consider. 

Coffee Mugs or Thermoses

One thing about early mornings at the office is needing to have hot coffee or tea in hand as soon as you start the day.

Get your employees fun mugs or insulated traveling mugs to bring to work with them. If you decide to give separate gifts, you can take the opportunity to show your thoughtfulness by finding mugs each of your employees would love. 

Indoor Plants or Succulents

Everyone loves a beautiful and easy-to-care-for houseplant or succulent. Some favorites include the Peace Lily, Aloe Vera, and Spider Plant. Succulents are great for desk display, as they require almost no care.

Give your employees some delightful plants that they’ll love adding to their home or desk. You can switch it up by adding something different to each plant, such as giving each employee a differently colored or patterned pot. 

Business Card Cases

Giving your employees personalized business card cases will give them the perfect place to keep their business cards.

You can explore options such as leather or stainless steel materials with engraved monograms, initials, or names on each business card case. Personalizing each case will show your employees your thoughtfulness.

Hire a Holiday Gifting Service

If you’re not certain about what to get your employees, we have the perfect solution for you.

Hiring a gifting service means that both you and your employees will be delighted when amazing products come in.

Having a Holiday Gifting Service gather the best holiday gifts for your company will take the stress out of your holiday gifting. You can choose to have branded merchandise or personalized corporate gifting done with a professional Holiday gifting service.

This is a wonderful option for giving gifts to your employees during the holiday season.

Show Your Appreciation With Holiday Gifting

Finding the perfect gifts for your employees can be stressful, but now you have some great tips for successful holiday gifting.

If you’re looking for more ideas, here are top 3 business gifts to look at.