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Why Personalized Corporate Gifts Are Important: A Closer Look

personalized corporate gifts

As you wrap up the last quarter of the year, you’re probably scrambling on what you should do for your employees this holiday season. You have a stellar team that deserves recognition for a job well done, but you’re stuck on how to reward them (and you’re running out of time).

Have you ever thought about giving them a personalized gift? 

Personalized corporate gifts or Custom Corporate Gifts are important for multiple reasons. For one, it increases employee retention (which in return saves you money). A well thought out present can help you stand out from your competition and other employers too.

If you want to keep your employees, New Hires, Office Staffs and clients happy, then keep reading below to see why personalized corporate gifts are so important (and how we can help). 

Good Employee Retention 

There’s nothing more important than showing your employees recognition. In fact, 63% of recognized employees are highly less likely to quit their jobs (according to SurveyMonkey). 

Giving out personalized employee gifts is a way of showing your employees that you see them and appreciate their efforts. You’re not only making your team happy by giving them a gift, but you’re also reassuring them they are doing a great job. That’s a great recipe in keeping your employees with you and steering them clear away from your competition. 

Givenly is a Corporate Gifting Company in USA & We actually make it really easy for you to recognize and award your most outstanding achievers. Within our Givenly Corporate Gifting Platform, you’re able to implement an incentives program with ease that your employees will love.

Take a look at our Employee Points Program today and start recognizing your employees year-round. You can expect this program to:

  • Keep your employees engaged 
  • Motivate your team to produce more
  • Drive a culture of performance and employee recognition

Great Brand Awareness 

Who doesn’t want to increase their brand awareness? Every time you give out a personalized Corporate gift or Custom Corporate Gifts to your employee or client, a new person is noticing your company.

For instance, if you gifted your employee with a new hat that has your logo on it, then the possibilities are endless as to how many people can potentially see that hat (and hopefully ask about it). 

No matter if you have a logo, snazzy design, or slogan on your gifts that you hand out, your appearance on promotional products is simply another opportunity to gain a new client.

If you’re ready to start ordering personalized gifts for your employees and customers, we have a limitless catalog for you to set up. This will allow you to manage what merchandise and gifts your team can access. 

Happy Customers 

Corporate gifting is beneficial for your employees, but it makes a positive impact on your clients too! Giving a gift to your customer speaks volumes of how much you appreciate their loyalty.

Anyone can say “thank you” to their customer, but actually taking the time to order, personalize, and send out a gift truly deepens your relationship with your customer. 

On top of showing your gratitude for your customer’s business and strengthening your relationship with them, personalized corporate gifts can also:

  • Keep your business top of mind
  • Allow you to connect with your client on a more meaningful level
  • Increase your lead generation 
  • Keep your customers coming back to you

For a deeper dive on why you should incorporate client gifting into your business model, read our top 10 benefits of client gifting today. 

Save Money

At the end of the day, your Corporate Gifting company is always on the lookout to cut costs. Ironically, buying a corporate gift for your employees and clients can actually save you money in the long run. 

As mentioned above, your employees are more likely to stay when they feel appreciated and recognized. Personalized corporate gifts or Custom Corporate Gifts can go a long way with your employees, and keeping them happy means you don’t have to take the time or money to launch new employee onboarding training. 

Showing your customers how much you appreciate their loyalty with gifts can also keep them coming back. It’s a lot more cost effective to keep your clients happy than to start a new advertising campaign to try to attract new ones. 

You Feel Better

It’s a good feeling when you can make someone else’s day. Knowing you made a positive impact on your employees and customers with corporate gifts can truly make a difference in your happiness.

Feeling cheerful from your good deed can lead to better performance and can make you a better manager. 

If you like how you feel when giving gifts to the people you care about, then consider our Corporate Gifting Platform. It’s much more streamlined than trying to manage yourself. Our platform saves you time, money, secures your connections, and can even show you your return of investment on your gift campaigns. 

Order Personalized Corporate Gifts Today

It’s the season of giving, and though it’s effective to recognize your employees and customers year-round, why not make their holidays extra special with personalized corporate gifts? Our Corporate Gifting Service is here to help you reward your employees for a job well done, and we can reassure you that corporate gifting is the way to go. 

With our corporate holiday gifting program, you can expect:

  • Branding and personalization 
  • The best selection in customized gifts
  • Excellent packaging that is sure to impress
  • A scalable process that can meet the needs of large teams 

Are you ready to make this holiday season the greatest one yet? Contact us today for your corporate holiday gifting needs.