Corporate Gifting: Using A Corporate Gifting Platform to Execute Gifting Programs

Corporate Gifting

Are you seeking an effective gift program to reward and show appreciation for clients and employees? 

As a business, treating your employees well and ensuring your clients are given the golden treatment is essential! It is your employees who make your business what it is, and it is your clients who allow your company to thrive. 

Executing a gift program for both employees and clients does not need to be challenging! 

With a corporate gifting platform, you can present gifts that will leave a lasting impression. Continue to read to learn more. 

What is Corporate Gifting?

Corporate gifting refers to a company program designed to reward employees and clients with meaningful gifts throughout the year. Gifts are traditionally sent out during holidays, work milestones, or on special events. 

Many companies engage in a form of corporate gifting, but often the process can be complex. What’s the best way to bulk order gifts? What is the most effective approach for customization? 

This is where a corporate gifting platform comes in. Corporate gifting platforms are partners that companies can collaborate with to create the best possible gifting experience for employees and clients. 

A corporate gifting platform will help company leadership select gifts, order them, and package them. These platforms often have pre-designed packages that leadership can select from.

Of course, company leaders can also customize packages as well. Corporate gifting platforms are effective programs due to their flexibility. Businesses can even select different gift packages depending on company divisions or teams (ex., marketing, finance). 

Why is Corporate Gifting Important?

The principle of company-wide gifting is beyond important. Statistics have shown that when a company shows its appreciation to both clients and employees, this will increase retention.

When a business celebrates its team and rewards its employees, employees will feel more inclined to work harder. They will view their employer in a more positive light and will tell others about their enjoyable work experience.

A happier employee will treat clients better. #employeeretention is essential for business growth and longevity. 

Leaving a strong impression on clients is essential to maintaining and growing a professional relationship. Customers do not have to conduct business with your company but choose to.

As a business, this is not only an honor but a responsibility. Always remember to give your clients the best possible experience. #Clientgifting is one such way to do this. 

Show your appreciation and give thanks for their business by offering thoughtful and unexpected gifts. When you go the extra mile for your clients, this can increase loyalty. Additionally, it can increase your company’s reputation in the community. 

Why Corporate Gifting Programs are Beneficial 

There are key reasons why it is beneficial to partner with a corporate gifting platform. Below a few are highlighted. 

Increases Organization and Limits Stress

As highlighted above, executing company gift giving has multiple steps. From organizing the gifts to packaging, it can be overwhelming if a business has a considerable amount of employees or clients to present gifts to. 

With a partner, this can limit stress and ensure the process goes smoothly. A corporate gifting platform will handle most of the steps for businesses and all leadership has to do is select gift packages. 

Purchasing gifts and leaving an unforgettable impression has never been this easy! 

Diverse Selection to Choose From

Another key benefit of a corporate gifting platform is that there is a diverse selection of gifts to choose from. Some companies may already have gift ideas or may need assistance in selecting a gift. Either way that is more than okay! 

A corporate gifting platform is here to simplify the process and help companies select gifts that are brand consistent and thoughtful. Some popular gifts include but are not limited to: 

  • alcoholic beverages
  • food products such as snacks or desserts 
  • electronics
  • Company-specific gifts (shirts, koozies, hats, etc.)

One of the most attractive benefits of a diverse selection is that there are meaningful gifts for every price range. It is good to have a budget range in mind in the gift selection process. This will help businesses determine how much they want to spend on certain clients or company teams. 


Nothing is more appreciated than customization and personalization. As an example, a company may have a certain client that has a preference for bourbon whiskey.

If the company presents this client with a fine bottle, this will demonstrate care and appreciation. It will leave an indelible mark that client will not forget. 

Personalization and customization not only offer companies the ability to better select gifts that the receivers will enjoy, but will also help these businesses find gifts within the budget range for individual clients or employee teams. 

Find the Perfect Corporate Gifting Platform For Your Business

Not all corporate gifting platforms are created equally. Some programs specialize in a certain aspect. 

As an example, some corporate gifting platforms have a reputation for elegant packaging and may even offer discounts for bulk orders. Other platforms may send over basket supplies, and companies will need to package the gifts manually. 

Additionally, it is important to find a corporate gifting platform that is reliable and can get all gifts shipped on time. The last thing a company would want is to give clients and employees their Christmas/holiday gifts well after December. 

Encourage Retention and Engagement with Givenly

There is nothing better than engaging employees and rewarding them for their hard work. Equally as important, it is essential to honor clients and show your appreciation for their business. 

With Givenly, you can create incredible gift packages for any budget range. Select gifts from our diverse collection of options and customize your orders for ultimate personalization.  

To learn more about Givenly and how we can be a corporate gifting partner for your business, please contact us today.