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Make a Great First Impression with Onboarding Kits

Onboarding kit

Onboarding is a crucial process for any organization. It introduces new employees to the organization and its culture. Successful onboarding can increase productivity, job satisfaction, and employee retention. One way to ensure a smooth onboarding process is to provide an onboarding kit.

What Is an Onboarding Kit?

An onboarding kit is a collection of resources and information new employees receive when joining an organization. The purpose of an onboarding kit is to provide new employees with the information and tools they need to feel welcome, informed, and prepared for their new role.

What Should Your Onboarding Kit Include?

1. Welcome Letter

The first item in your onboarding kit should be a welcome letter. This letter should be from the CEO or another high-level executive and should welcome the new employee to the organization.

2. Employee Handbook

The employee handbook is an essential part of the onboarding process. It outlines the policies, procedures, and expectations of the organization. The handbook should cover benefits, vacation time, sick leave, and company policies.

3. Job Description

The job description is another crucial item in the onboarding kit. It gives the new employee a clear understanding of their role and responsibilities. The job description should include the job title, duties, and expectations. 

4. Company Information

New employees should be provided information about the company’s history, structure, and products or services. This information will help them understand the organization’s mission and goals.

5. Training Materials

Training materials should be included in the onboarding kit to help new employees learn about the organization’s products, services, and procedures. This can consist of videos, manuals, and online courses.

6. Contact Information

New employees should be provided with contact information for key personnel in the organization. This can include their manager, HR representative, and IT support.

7. Company Swag

The onboarding kit can include company swag such as t-shirts, water bottles, or coffee mugs. This can help new employees feel like they are part of the team and create a sense of belonging.

Why Should You Offer an Onboarding Kit?

1. Increases Productivity

An onboarding kit can help new employees feel more prepared and confident in their new roles. This can lead to increased productivity and a faster learning curve.

2. Promotes Job Satisfaction

A well-designed onboarding kit can help new employees feel welcomed and valued. This can promote job satisfaction and increase employee retention. Providing new employees with a positive onboarding experience makes them more likely to feel invested in the organization and motivated to succeed.

3. Improves Employee Engagement

An onboarding kit can help new employees understand the organization’s culture and values. This can lead to increased employee engagement and a sense of purpose. By clearly communicating the organization’s mission and goals, new employees can understand how their role fits into the broader picture and feel more motivated to contribute to its success.

4. Sets Expectations

Providing new employees with a job description and company policies sets clear expectations from the start. This can prevent misunderstandings and promote a positive work environment. By clearly communicating what is expected of new employees, they can feel more confident and productive from the start.


By offering an onboarding kit, you can increase productivity, promote job satisfaction, improve employee engagement, and set clear expectations from the start. A well-designed onboarding kit can help new employees feel part of the team and create a sense of belonging, increasing employee retention and a positive organizational culture.

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