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Corporate Holiday Gifting 2021

Corporate Holiday Gifting

Some say that when you’re an adult, Christmas never ends. You’re constantly shopping for presents for everyone and hiding them until December. And when you’re a business owner, then you also have to think about corporate holiday gifting ideas. This can be a good way to give employee recognition to those who are doing good work. Corporate holiday gifting for employees & Client Gifting can encourage brand loyalty.

But this can add a lot of stress to the holiday season too. Now you not only have friends and family to think about but employees and customers too! Isn’t gift giving supposed to be a fun holiday activity?

Where do you start? Do you give gifts to everyone who’s bought from you? Does every employee get a Holiday gift?

These questions can leave your head spinning or worse lead you to making the wrong choices. Read on to learn about the most common issues companies have with corporate Holiday gifting and how to solve them.

Who Should Get Corporate Holiday Gifts?

The first problem you might face is not knowing who to give holidays gifts to. Do you give them to all employees and clients? Or should some groups be excluded?

The biggest thing you can do for your company in Client Gifting 2021 is making your employees and clients feel appreciated. So this can be a difficult choice to make, and your biggest enemy when answering this question is your budget. 

One way you might solve this problem is by creating tiers or groups to receive gifts. For example, factory employees might get gift cards and office employees might get swag bags. Clients that provide your company with the most business might get gift baskets while lower-tier clients get holiday cards in the mail.

Once you’ve divided up your groups, then you can decide who gets what.

It’s always a good idea to prioritize your employees. They are the ones that keep your business running smoothly every day. Without these ground workers, you would not have a business at all.

Prioritizing giving gifts to employees on the lower end of the payroll is a good way to encourage employee retention. It lets them know that their work is being seen and appreciated. 

If you have the budget, however, it’s always a good idea to give gifts to your clients as well. For clients that give you more business, this lets them know that you appreciate all of the trust they put into your company and all the work they give you.

What Should You Give as Corporate Holiday Gifts?

The next thing you might scratch your head over is about corporate holiday gifting ideas! It can be important to making the gesture feel genuine. This can be as simple as bringing in treats for the whole office to share or it can be so much more personal.

It’s hard to go wrong with gift baskets. These can be full of treats, company swag, or both. But the challenge is how to make a gift seem personal.

Remember that you’re trying to make people feel appreciated. You might put new mugs with your company logo on them in these gift baskets for those who enjoy coffee or tea. Maybe there are teddy bears inside it for employees with children and many other similar corporate holiday gifting ideas.

Food is universal when it comes to giving gifts. You might consider seeing what kind of treats everyone likes and trying to personalize gift baskets that way. 

For clients, you want them to feel appreciated, but you also want them to remember that the gift is from you. In this case, items with your company logo on them are going to be an excellent choice to send as holiday gifts.

The important thing here is to not overthink it. Everyone knows that it’s the thought that counts when it comes to gift-giving. All your employees and clients want to see is that you’re thinking of them during the holidays.

If you do this, you should have no trouble selecting what to do for your next corporate holiday gifts for employees.

Do You Give The Same Corporate Holiday Gifts To Everyone?

Finally, you need to consider who you’re giving to. Some people and clients might have certain restrictions over what they can accept.

For example, if you want to give food items then you need to be careful of certain dietary restrictions some people might have. If some employees have nut allergies, for example, then it’s probably not a good idea to give them corporate holiday gift baskets with chocolate bars with nuts in them.

It’s best to be sensitive to dietary restrictions for religious reasons also. There are certain types of foods that Jewish and Muslim employees simply cannot eat. But this doesn’t mean that you should exclude them from receiving gifts for the holidays.

Certain types of businesses also have restrictions on what they can accept as well. Companies in the medical field, for example, will not necessarily be able to accept certain items. 

A good rule of thumb to follow is if you’re not sure, then just ask. It might seem like it could ruin the surprise, but chances are that clients and employees will appreciate your gift more knowing how much thought you put into it. It also gives you one less thing to think about during the busy holiday season.

If you want more help regarding corporate holiday gifts for Employees or corporate holiday gifts for customers then You can also use a company that specializes in corporate gifting to help you. Givenly has tools to help you make the right selections for your gifts. This gives you peace of mind that you’ll be giving the right items every time. 

Do Corporate Holiday Gifting Right This Year (2021)

You have enough on your plate without needing to worry about corporate holiday gifting in 2021. Gift-giving is supposed to be an enjoyable experience for everyone! 

So you need a corporate holiday gifting company that can help you do it right every time without worry. That’s why Givenly is here to help you plan for this holiday season early. We have a wide selection of customizable items and gift baskets for corporate gifts for every occasion, including the holiday season. 

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