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How to Put Together the Ultimate New Employee Welcome Kit

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Bringing on new employees is a great part of running a business. With their new ideas, experience, and drive to succeed, your new hires will be a great asset to your company! But what is the best way to welcome them to their new workplace? The answer is simple: the employee welcome kit!

Are you interested in creating top-notch welcome kits for your new hires? Keep reading to learn more about how to make a kit that best represents your company.

What is a New Employee Welcome Kit?

A welcome kit is a collection of information and items that are given to new employees on their first day working at your company.

A New Employee Welcome Kit can help you to organize new hire paperwork and training information, introduce your new employee to your company culture, and help to make your new employee feel welcome and celebrated in their new workplace.

Why Should You Give an Employee Welcome Kit?

There are quite a few reasons why you should give an employee welcome kit to all of your new hires! Here are the top three reasons.

Show the Company Culture and a Feeling of Community

Your company operates with a certain system of values and beliefs. Giving your new hires a welcome kit that gives them a well-rounded introduction to the company is a great way to ensure that they start their time with you the right way.

You can also help to create a sense of community by giving the new hire information about company events, including some fun company swag, and introducing them to their new teammates.

Lay Out All of Your New-Hire Expectations

The best way to avoid communication issues later is to fully address all of your expectations for your new employee in their welcome kit.

What is their exact job description? What is the expectation for communication during the day? Who do they report to, and how often should they meet with that person?

Think of any questions that you, as a new hire, would probably have, and go ahead and use the welcome kit to address those concerns for your new arrivals.

Get Your New Employees Started the Right Way

Between organizing all of their paperwork, introducing them to the company, and giving them the tools they need to succeed, a welcome kit for Employee or New Employee Welcome Gifts is a perfect way to start your new hire’s contract out the right way!

With all of the information they need, their transition into their new team will go as smoothly as possible! 

What Should You Include in an Employee Welcome Kit?

While there are a lot of different things you can include in your employee welcome kits, there are some absolute essentials! From the paperwork to the really fun stuff, here’s what you should include in your New Hire welcome kit.


New employee contracts, NDA agreements, health insurance information, contact forms–all of this can be included in a paperwork packet.

Try to organize everything your employee has to fill out in one place, like a designated folder. This will make things easier for the new hire and your HR representative as all of the paperwork is processed and filed. 

Training Information

How are your teams structured? Who are your managers and leaders? What kinds of training do your new employees need to complete? What is their training schedule like?

All of these questions (and more!) should be addressed in your employee welcome kit. You can also include a feedback survey for them to complete and turn in at the end of their first week at your company!

Be sure to include anything your new hire needs to know about company culture and expectations as they start their orientation and training.

Office Essentials

A stapler, some paperclips, and a calendar can go a long way towards making your new hire feel welcome and ready for their first day at work. While it may not seem like much, these small details can go a long way in increasing employee retention and loyalty moving forward. 

Pens and notebooks are great options for this category because you can easily put the company logo on them!

Company Swag

This is the really fun part! Celebrate your new employee and help them feel like a part of the team with some company swag. This will make or break your welcome kit.

When it comes to gifts for new employees, company swag is the best part to plan out. You can buy hats, backpacks, and shirts in your company colors and logo to help your new hire fit in at the next company event or casual Friday.

You can also gift items they will use every day, like water bottles, coffee mugs, lunch boxes, notebooks, and more.

Creating the Perfect Gifts for New Employees

Welcome kits are great, but they can be a lot of work if you are designing them by yourself. Finding providers for all of the different products, outsourcing to a company that can put the logo on all of the swag–it is a lot to do!

Finding a company like Givenly to put together a stunning new hire welcome kit for your company can save you time and energy. The energy that you can put towards growing your company and finding more amazing people to hire!  

Ready to get started on custom welcome kits for your company? Head over to our Kits and Bundles page to learn more about our offers!