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11 Unique Company Swag Ideas for Clients and Employees

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There are two company priorities that will always exist: brand exposure and employee satisfaction. On one hand, you’re always working to reach more people and get more customers. On the other hand, you’re always looking inward on how to improve employee retention and satisfaction so that your business works smarter and harder.

What if I told you that you could solve both problems in one action?

Corporate gifting with branded company swag will help you show appreciation to your hardworking employees, and you can extend this to client appreciation as well. At the same time, you’ll be raising brand awareness by exposing your name and logo to everyone your employees and clients know. To achieve both goals, however, you’ll need to come up with swag ideas so unique and fun that employees and clients will actually bring them everywhere they go.

Interested in handing out the best employee recognition or client gifts?

Here are 11 unique company swag ideas 2021 that will blow your mind!

Work-From-Home Kits

Ever since 2020, work from home has become rampant across the nation. Steadily over the years, more and more people have been able to spend at least part of their time working remotely, but now mass amounts of employees are home for the foreseeable future. 

Working from home certainly has its perks, but it also has some downfalls. For instance, a sense of community is lost as employees can’t drop in each other’s offices or talk to the person next to them. To combat this dip in morale and personal connection to the company, try sending a work-from-home kit!

In your Company Swag Boxes Send a few essentials that will help your employees set up their home offices more permanently. You could send Company Swag Bags with a branded mouse pad, a pen, and a coffee mug. Or, you could help make their home office more ergonomic with a laptop mount and a wrist rest.

Cell Phone Car Mounts

If your employees still commute to work, or you encourage your employees to go out on road trips to explore the country during the holidays, consider gifting a branded cell phone car mount. These car mounts make it really easy to use the GPS and play music hands-free while you drive.

Another benefit is that these cell phone car mounts typically stay in the car once they’re installed. Even when they aren’t in use, they’ll be displayed on the dashboard all the time. Anyone that gets in the car with your employees will see your brand!

Company Backpacks

Do your employees travel a lot for work? Do they like to go hiking, camping, or enjoy short trips? Giving out company backpacks will ensure that your brand name goes everywhere they do.

Backpacks are always a welcome gift, as you can never have enough sturdy, roomy bags for packing supplies or weekend outfits. The better quality the backpack, the more likely your employees and clients will be to use these backpacks every chance they get.

Airplane Neck Pillow

Looking for an opportunity for your company logo to be displayed for hours at a time to a captive audience? Airplane rides are your chance! Hand out branded neck pillows to employees and clients as a Company Swag Box to comfort them during their travels.

Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speakers are among the Best Company Swag Ideas. Some employees might love working with music playing in the background. When they have a day off, they can bring their speakers to the beach, park, or on fun trips. 

Now, your employee or client can always be the person that brings the speaker. In turn, your company brand will always be with them, associated with all the fun and relaxing times they have with friends and family.

Thermoses and Bottles

Coffee mugs are a typical gift that employees and clients are used to receiving. Thermoses and quality reusable water bottles, however, are a step up. Help make sure your employees and clients can bring their favorite drinks on the go, whether they’re hot or cold.

Carrying around a thermos or bottle quickly can become a habit. Reusable water bottles can help employees and clients increase their water intake, while thermoses can help keep their coffee hot for hours. Either way, they’re be thanking you for the gift and exposing everyone around them to your brand!

Fleece Blanket

Do any of your employees or clients live in a climate where it gets really cold for at least part of the year? Who wouldn’t love a new sherpa blanket to stay warm during the winter? The bonus is that any friends and family that visit for the holidays and need a blanket will see your company logo.

Headphones and Earbuds

Aside from phone chargers, headphones and earbuds have got to be the topmost commonly lost accessories for tech. It’s so easy to misplace them or break them, so clients and employees are sure to be grateful for an extra pair.

Further, they’re a great tool for both work and play. Employees can use company earbuds while they’re on calls or in meetings. Then, they can use them for their daily jog or commute. We are One of the Best Company Swag Vendors. Contact us now

Portable Chargers

What’s one thing you always wish you had but don’t at the worst times? A phone charger. Help your employees and clients always be prepared with a company-branded portable charger.

These portable batteries are easy to bring anywhere and are always welcome in a pinch. Further, if friends and family ever need a quick phone charge while on the go, your brand will be there to help.

Masks and Sanitizer

No one is particularly happy about it, but PPE for the general public is here to stay. Even after the pandemic has faded away, many people will choose to continue wearing masks, gloves, and more. Many companies have chosen to make masks and other preventative measures required for the foreseeable future.

While this might feel like an inconvenience, it’s a great opportunity to spread brand awareness and offer valuable swag to employees and clients. Giving out company masks and hand sanitizers will not only help employees and clients protect themselves but expose your brand to everyone around them.

Cutting Board

If your company focuses on food in any way, a really unique company swag gift is a cutting board. A nice wooden cutting board with your logo would be a helpful addition to your employees’ or clients’ kitchens. It would also show off your logo to anyone they cook with!

Gift Unique Company Swag

Whether you’re thinking of company swag for employee onboarding, client gifting, or any other corporate gifts, you’ll be the best boss around with these unique ideas. Don’t wait for a second longer to impress your employees and clients!

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