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The 6 Best New Employee Welcome Kits & Gifts :

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They say that it takes an instant to make a first impression, and a lifetime to overcome a poor one. And for a new hire, those first-day jitters can only make their first impressions more potent.

We’ve spoken before about the value of a client gifting strategy in forging strong relationships, and new employee welcome kit can help do the same for new additions to your corporate family.

To help ensure that you and your new hire both put your best foot forward, consider making these new employee onboarding gifts a standard part of your welcoming strategy.

6 Best New Employee Welcome Kits & Gifts :

1. Bottles and Drinkware

Reusable water bottles and canteens have practically become an essential item in every worker’s everyday carry loadout. And for good reason—no one does their best work when they’re dehydrated, irritable, and can feel a headache coming on.

Including a reusable water bottle, then, should be a mandatory new employee gift.

For one thing, it helps encourage employees to make healthy choices. Rather than running to the vending machine for a sugary soft drink every hour or so, having the reusable bottle subtly pushes them towards opting for the water cooler instead.

For another, it goes a long way in helping to keep the office tidy by cutting down on plastic waste. Fewer disposable plastic bottles in circulation mean fewer overflowing recycling bins, and in the case of soda bottles, less chance of attracting ants and other pests. And that’s to say nothing of helping your office space be a little more earth-friendly in the process.

But you don’t need to limit yourself to steel canteens. Coffee mugs and other drinkware are always popular options. Especially when the two-o’clock crash starts to hit and everyone makes for the coffee maker. And as with the aforementioned plastic waste, having reusable alternatives in circulation will go a long way in cutting down on the amount of disposable paper and styrofoam your workplace goes through.

2. Portable Chargers and Travel Gear

There’s a seeming paradox at play with smartphones, tablets, and other devices. The more technology advances, the faster our batteries seem to drain.

Hence why carrying a portable charger or three is all but essential for anyone who travels. Particularly so if they’re traveling for work and being reachable at all times is non-negotiable.

With that perspective in mind, gifting your new employee a portable charger as part of their welcome pack is not only thoughtful but depending on the needs of their work can help set them up for success.

And speaking of travel, including a few quality-of-life items in your welcome pack can buy you a lot of goodwill. Whether traveling for work or for personal reasons, your new employee will be thankful for a neck or lower back pillow the next time they’re on a long flight or drive. And every time they use it, they’re they use it, they’ll remember your consideration.

3. Backpacks and Portable Lunch Items

It can be easy to forget some of the small, simple items that come in handy when starting a new job. Depending on the position, an employee may need to carry with them a personal laptop or tablet, hard copies of documents, and you can’t forget orientation materials. With the excitement of starting a new job, they might not have considered how they would get all of their materials to the office.

Even if you run a minimalist workspace, you never know when having a suitable backpack can be a lifesaver.

And speaking of essential commuter items, a good lunch pack is a great gift offering. Whether to save money, eat healthily, or both, most employees opt to bring their own lunches in rather than eat out five days a week.

There is any number of lunchtime items you could include to make their lives a little bit easier in this regard. Lunch bags, ice packs, thermoses, reusable utensils, and even travel-sized seasoning shakers are all great first-day gifts.

4. Work and Office Tech and Supplies

There are few things that can sour landing a new job more than realizing how many supplies you need to buy yourself just to do your work. A savvy employer, then, will go out of their way to nip those ill feelings in the bud by including some core items in their welcome packs.

If an employee can expect to spend a lot of time working remotely, a new laptop or tablet suitable for their job is both thoughtful and practical. After all, you want all of your employees to be as effective and successful as they possibly can.

But a gift doesn’t need to be a whole new computer. Anything from a new mouse and keyboard set, to headphones, or even basic office supplies can help them settle into their new position with minimal hassle for everyone involved.

5. Stress-Busters

Even in the most well-managed and appointed organization, it’s a simple fact of life: work can be stressful. Even if your new employee just landed their dream job working for you, they’re going to have some long days from time to time.

Providing them a means to destress after a hard day not only shows that you care but can help prevent burnout in the long run.

Stress-busters can take many forms. Aromatherapy items like scented candles and essential oils are always a popular option. Selections of teas or other destressing remedies are likewise strong choices.

Whatever you decide on, a stress-buster goes beyond the standard corporate gift by helping to promote your new hire’s mental wellbeing.

6. Fleeces and Winter Wear

Branded apparel may be a standard New Hiri Onboarding Kits, but as winter approaches, new employees will appreciate it nevertheless.

Hats, blankets, warm socks, and jackets are all excellent options that not only make your new hire feel at home but make the long winters months a little more bearable. And every time they’re relieved to have a few extra articles of winter wear to rely on, they’ll have their work-family to thank.

New Hire Joining Kits Make a Great First Impression

A welcome doesn’t need to be flashy or to be special. Even simple gifts for new employees can signal that you view them as valuable additions to your team and are happy to have them with you. And once they’re seasoned members teammates, the occasional employee recognition gift will help to remind them of their value.

And these suggestions are only jumping-off points. There is a wealth of possibilities that can make your corporate gifting strategy memorable in the minds of employees and clients alike. To get started, reach out to us today to see the possibilities for yourself.